Youthful maximalism: strengths and weaknesses

boyish - the privilege of the young, who have not yet learned to make halftones.In the minds of young people have only two poles: black and white."All or nothing" - that was the slogan of the extremist acts.It is interesting that such a position is often very beneficial and can achieve a lot with nothing.Young make their way in life on one's ambitions.Features of adolescents do not allow to take the point of view of adults.

Recent seem indifferent and gentle, willing to yield and to compromise with life.Young is not going to make concessions.However, the softness of adults have a special power, as in a head of the young.It's just a completely different view of reality.However, sometimes boyish with his excessive demands much stronger sound judgment of the older generation.

often to get what you want and reach the goal, you need to move it with a clear certainty.In adults, it is not.An experienced person can only say what is sure.It is reasonable to assess their strength.Psychology of adolescence mo

re categorical and cutting.It also there is a certain naivete that has not disappeared from the childhood.That's why the young are doing so much nonsense, remember that later becomes a shame.As adults, people often try to protect their children from the mistakes that have committed themselves.Here, however, they run into a wall of misunderstanding - the same boyish.The world-famous problem of "fathers and children" is under a it is a tragedy of misunderstanding generations.

Over time, this phenomenon is, of course, takes place.It was noted that men have little to 30 years in what they want from life.So it is not all, but many.Therefore, to maintain a share of youthful fire still needed.All successful people who have achieved something in life, were driven by dreams of his youth.At heart they were young.Youth is something that has no one age period - power and pressure, in spite of all the obstacles of life, move forward.

boyish does not accept the scale of values ​​of the majority.Therefore, many young people say that they will not live as their parents.However, as adults, many, unfortunately, repeat them let up to the last detail.Probably, whether young circumspect, this would not have happened.But the mind - wealth of mature adults and that there is little that can change in life and do not believe in themselves.Interestingly, sometimes the phenomenon of youthful maximalism, occurs in adults.Here, however, it acquires other features.In adulthood, he does not have the charm of youth, when the naive, the pressure and a certain amount of despair mixed in a cocktail.Adult maximalist quarrelsome, he does not listen to anyone but yourself.In addition, these qualities do not bring him benefit, rather they only spoil his relations with others.

features of the Youth in youth.Adults can not afford the luxury of a choice and categorical judgments.Besides, thinking experienced person has one distinguishing characteristic - flexibility.It is the quality and the ability to take someone else's point of view, talk about the moral and mental maturity.Unfortunately, this feature is often the cause of conformism.Reality breaks down the wings and reduces requests.Those who have not ceased to dream as adults unit.Often, these people achieve more in life than their peers.Because they understand what motivates a person to the goal.Pursuing self-development, it can be a lot to understand and assess the shortcomings of the two periods in life.Revaluation will help make the right decision and find a way out of the difficult situation.