How to manage people: farewell psychologists

for success in work, business and personal life often enough to be able to establish contact with other people and to resist manipulator.Sometimes you need to be able to go on the offensive.

This interesting and very attractive for the power-hungry people, the question - how to manage people - always worried representatives of various professions: managers, politicians, cultists, therapists, businessmen.The high demand for such knowledge has provided study of the question of several sciences: first of all, management and psychology.

And now the question - how to manage people, has some answers.Manipulation also account for 90% of all considered mankind ways to manage people.They are effective and easy, as they are based on psychological laws.Everyone is exposed to the feelings we sometimes it's ambitious, and everyone wants recognition and respect.In this play, and controllers - on the basic human feelings and needs.

The remaining 10% can be given by law the so-called "energy systems".How to find

adherents of this strange theory (unscientific): in the world there is a higher mind and by touching it, you can break out of the parasitic relationships and become a manager of his life, fate and the people around them.Energy parasite called adherents of the theory of those who learned how to connect to the energy of the people around them, to eat it for the benefit of themselves.This ideological theory is not based on scientifically derived and proven patterns of human behavior, as opposed to manipulation.But there she is still, and so like most ignorant people only because it promises fast results.But, alas, just practice and psychological knowledge can give you what you want.

ability to manage people - it is half the success in all spheres of human life.It's no wonder that everyone wants to own a perfect these methods.

Hence the new question - how to learn to manage people?The answer is unequivocal psychologist: manipulated in extreme cases and never harm.This is the main principle of the adherents of humane science.However, representatives of other professions neglected these parting words.And managers, and politicians are only interested in 100% result to achieve this goal.

Therefore actions are not only simple manipulation (thinly veiled, playing on the feelings inherent in each, such as the desire to please, to be recognized), but also complex psychological attacks directed at a specific person, taking into account his psychological characteristics.The attack is called so also because of its strength increases with time, providing a stable result of deliberate action on the other person.The most "modest" example of such an attack is enclosed in a famous aphorism: "A lie, repeated many times, it becomes true."

In recent years published audio courses, books that describe a variety of techniques to manipulate, and developed special training programs (such as sales technique or techniques to communicate effectively with customers realtor).The latter method is the most effective training.In the group of people eager to learn manipulation, each participant of the training practice takes the necessary skills.It will only bring them to the level of skills.

Yes, there are a few tricks, how to manage people.To master them is possible.It is necessary to constantly train all others, for the experience first and then for the sake of a particular main goal.But is it worth it?After all, a clever man gets in the manipulation (at least simple), and then you lose the trust of relatives, friends, colleagues, partners ...

much better to learn to negotiate honestly discussing the problems, their needs with close people and even partners.That's what built the strongest relationships: Understanding on (look for common language), on the ability to compromise (common interests), on the ability to express their views and take someone else's.

Besides power over others is dangerous.She turns her head, and you will gradually lose the humanity: the ability to sympathize, empathize.It gives priority to its own interests only.But it should be remembered, are manageable are not weak people.Each is a moment of weakness.And someday manipulator meet a strong personality and will also become a victim of ...

So instead of searching for the answer to the question of how to manage people better learn to protect themselves from manipulators and promote honesty, appreciate the trust relationship.