How many time zones in Russia and some time in each of them

Every day your average neputeshestvuyuschy citizen spends in his native city, hearing the words "time zone" only on the radio, when Moscow sends the exact time.In this article we try to present Russian time zones.Time, which obviously can not be the same in Moscow and Vladivostok."Why not?- Ask inexperienced reader.- That would be useful in economic life. "

heard that in Moscow 11 hours, and in Vladivostok - 18, he is not even thinking how much time zones in Russia, said to himself: "Lucky, and I still have almost a day to work!»

But seriously speakingit is important for the economy of the country, to coordinate the work of ministries, agencies, when planning trips.

modern reckoning.Coordinated Universal Time

people who decided to find out in time zones, sometimes confuses the presence of the standard English abbreviation «UTC».What does it mean?

most important task of astronomical and geodetic research is to determine the mean solar time.By definition, it is apparent trajectory of our main li

ght in the sky.The highest position of the Sun is called astronomical noon.Sunny day systematically unstable because of instability of rotation of the planet in its orbit and the inclination of the Earth's axis relative to the plane of its orbit around the sun.In view of the above, Universal Time is adjusted accordingly, as corrected is called "Coordinated Universal Time" (abbreviated in English translation - UTC).This innovation works in the world since 1970.

As measured the time in the Russian Empire

As numbered in Russia?The initial premise was the actual sunlit (respectively the day) for individual areas of the earth surface.Lighting is known to occur sequentially - from east to west, in the course of rotation of the Earth as a planet.

Russians before the revolution guided by the local solar time is calculated in the provinces by a simple formula:

M = T0 + Δ, where

M - local solar time;

T0 - Greenwich Mean Time;

Δ - geographical longitude obtained recalculation with degrees in hours and minutes of time.

Further, after the construction of the main railways, since 1840, has become a point of reference "a" zero meridian - Pulkovo (passing through the Pulkovo Observatory).

TS = T0 + 2 hours, 1 minute 18.7 seconds, where TP - one time, St. Petersburg;T0 - Greenwich Mean Time.

For more orientation readers reported that he took part in the Moscow avenue and part Chasse Pulkovo (St. Petersburg), through the center of the city of Mogilev, district Juliani Kiev.

Greenwich Meridian - Universal countdown

noteworthy that the time zones in Russia in the city until 1920 tied to the Pulkovo meridian.The thing is advisory in nature solutions meridional Washington conference in 1884: to take for all countries as a zero Greenwich meridian.By the way, it passes along the axis of the transit instrument of the same name Laboratory (Peninsula Greenwich, UK) through France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Ghana.

concept of time zone

What timezone in Russia can be called first?Obviously, Kaliningrad (but it is an international classification - third).When people talk about the time zone, then this can be understood by just two values.The first - the geographical time zone, another "piece of watermelon," the earth's surface width of 150, given that the very first, zero, "cut» ± 7,50, respectively, left and right of the Greenwich meridian.The second - an administrative time zone.Why administrative?Yes, because in a certain administrative region, does not always coincide with the geographical time zone and legislatively established a certain standard time.We continue our discussion.Consider how many time zones in Russia.

fifth part of the land.Time zones

imagine their "names."All of them are designated, according to the system of Coordinated Universal Time as UTC: time zone from the third through twelfth inclusive.At the same time it shows the "internal" Russian system Moscow time - MSK.It actually takes zero time zone, where the Russian capital, Moscow.Everything west of it - is measured with the sign "-" that the East - «+»

- Kaliningrad time.Designation: UTC + 3 (MSK-1);

- Moscow time.Designation: UTC + 4 (MSK);

- Yekaterinburg Time.Designation: UTC + 6 (MSK + 2);

- Omsk time.Designation: UTC + 7 (MSK + 3);

- Krasnoyarsk Time.Designation: UTC + 8 (MSK + 4);

- Irkutsk Time.Designation: UTC + 9 (MSK + 5);

- Yakutsk Time.Designation: UTC + 10 (MSK + 6);

- Vladivostok Time.Designation: UTC + 11 (MSK + 7);

- Magadan time.Designation: UTC + 12 (MSK + 8).

Vyshepredstavlenny list should both be understood as an answer to the question: "How many time zones in Russia?".In the fifth part of the land from 28.03.2010, there were nine time zones.

was 11, and was 9. How?

First, in accordance with the Greenwich system in Russia was 11 time zones.171 degrees 21 seconds - this is the length of the "country birch calico".Then arose the idea of ​​optimization."The process has started", starting with the request of the President Dmitry Medvedev to the Federal Assembly on 12.11.2009, he proposed to reduce the number of time zones, and to abandon the transition to daylight saving time to improve economic management.Related work has been done and the Federal Law "On the Calculation of Time".It is, strictly speaking, the people said, how many time zones in Russia will be in the future.

example correlation time for time zones Russia

illustrate how to "work" time zones Russian cities.For example, in the Moscow time zone 22-00.How much time in the other?Kaliningrad timezone fix 21-00, Yekaterinburg - 0-00, Omsk - 1-00 (the next day), Krasnoyarsk - 2-00, Irkutsk - 3-00, Yakut - 4-00, Vladivostok - 5-00, Magadan -6-00.


dynamic modern life in Russia has led to a decrease in the number of time zones from 11 to 9. (Recall that the previous scheme stretch existed with the signing of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin decree "On the introduction of a new account of time ..." 02/08/1919 year. Its main developer wasPresident of the Russian Geographical Society YM Shokalsky).

to recent changes brought centralization and optimization of government.A more compressed time-series of managerial experience in a centralized economy, of course, potentially carries a positive effect.Disappeared 'four-hour "(3rd time zone), there was" a two-hour jump in time. "

However, there are critics of this innovation.They believe that the question of how many hours.zones in Russia is really in demand must increasingly deal with people.