The image of St. Petersburg in the novel "Crime and Punishment" by F. Dostoevsky

What do we know about St. Petersburg?This is the city, created by talented architects, a symbol of prosperity and greatness of post-Petrine Russia.City lush balls and palace coups, amazing and today its magnificence.But there was another, unknown to us, distant Petersburg.A city where people are mired in a "cage homes" in dirty yellow houses with the dark stairs, and spend their free time in the stinking taverns and restaurants.The city, where life is bleak, scary and illusory.This is the image of St. Petersburg in the novel "Crime and Punishment," Dostoevsky draws.

game of contrasts

There is a saying: "St. Petersburg of Dostoevsky."It reflects the perception of the city writer.Fyodor saw him sick, wet, dark and yet beautiful.He, like the hero of his novel, Raskolnikov, he loved Petersburg painful and bitter love, saw him only in a special way.And Pushkin and Nekrasov, Gogol in his work recreated contrast image of St. Petersburg.Dostoevsky distinguishes them from the special nature of perception o

f the world, due to the exacerbation of contrasts what was then the capital of Russia during their stay in it the writer (in the sixties and seventies of the nineteenth century).At that time, rapidly developing capitalism by banking offices, working-class suburbs, apartment buildings and factories of the city grew rapidly.But back to the product.

novel Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment".The image of St. Petersburg

worth the summer, it is hot outside, but gloomy and pass cityscape.We look at the old city through the eyes of a hungry pauper.Throughout crush, stuffy, dust everywhere lime, brick, timber, everywhere a special stench, familiar to every Petersburgers were unable to leave the cottage in the summer.

Petersburg image in Dostoevsky's novel is not always appears so.There are descriptions of the paintings of nature and magnificent views of the capital, but they are the only contrast to the bleak picture.Among discharged women, rich mansions hungry young man feels rejected.On the bridge, from which eyes the magnificent panorama of the Neva, Raskolnikov almost falls under the rich carriage, and the amusement of passers coachman lashed him with a whip.Boys are more at heart Hay area.Yes, it is poor, but here it is a kind of beauty and feels her.

City streets

image of Petersburg in the novel "Crime and Punishment" is recreated so vividly because all the events taking place mostly in the streets.Nifty stroller somewhere in the alley near the Haymarket presses Marmeladova accident.The next day, on the street, and his half-mad consumptive widow bleeding.On the waterfront Svidrigailov shoots.Outdoor Raskolnikov tries to repent publicly.These close-ups drawn scenes complemented runaway episodes.Of these, created the background against which the unfolding tragic fate of Sonia, Marmeladova, Raskolnikov.

The houses heroes

with dirty noisy streets Dostoyevsky leads us into the typical capitalist Petersburg home, where his heroes.We find ourselves in a stinking yards, climb the dark and narrow stairs.Rooms are drawn in the shadows, they are poorly lit candles or dim a candle slanting rays of the setting summer sun.The image of St. Petersburg in the novel "Crime and Punishment" seems creepy, and the same seems terrible life, I'm sorry his leaky littered streets and squalid slums.In reality, the events - the murder of an old woman money-lender, the emergence of "out of the ground," a man calling Raskolnikov "ubivtsa" desperate cries of street - similar to the nightmarish visions of the insane.At the same time as delusional dream of Raskolnikov resemble reality ...

world poverty

somber gray city where the tavern, calling the poor to fill their sorrows, are located at each corner of the streets drunk ...people and prostitutes everywhere rampant poverty, disease and injustice - is the image of St. Petersburg, created by Dostoevsky.You can suffocate from the stench, rather a desire to escape, to collect fresh air into the lungs to get rid of fumes immorality and dishonesty.That he, the terrible world of unbearable suffering, poverty, world peace, which are born half-mad thoughts of Raskolnikov.Among the characters that inhabit the pages of the novel, the children are often found.Dostoevsky haunt thinking about their destinies, the heart of the writer desperately hurt their suffering.Another image


In the novel "Crime and Punishment," the city is represented not only humiliated and offended people, but also activities trades, they can.Here Koch scammer buys overdue things the old woman money-lender.Here holder tavern Dushkin hides stolen goods.That merchant Yushkin charges for cheap rooms.Here Daria Frantsevna and Louise Ivanovna literally trafficked women.Clearly against the background of these two figures silhouetted characters: businessman-industrialist Luzhin and Svidrigailov sharpie.The first - the villain, capable of any crime, the second - the visitor Petersburg taverns, in the days of serfdom tortured serfs.All these people create an image of St. Petersburg.However, it is not limited to the description of the ugly life of the characters, and bears philosophical and symbolic significance.

City as the personification of reality

Dostoevsky believed that St. Petersburg is not created for the people, and for the glory of the Emperor.Peter did not feel the aspirations of their people, he tried to instill Russian European tastes and thinking.That city had received a "non-Russian", "Works".Raskolnikov is all annoying: the stench, and the unbearable heat, and yellow.He walks through the lanes around the Haymarket, but does not notice the beautiful buildings, does not see the Yusupov Garden, passes the Church of the Ascension.His attention is focused only on the beer with the dirty peasants, the poor passers-by, brought to desperation suicides, small traders ... Petersburg - a symbol of the unjust, unsettled society, ruthless and immunity to ordinary people.And yet here live Russian people to preserve the spiritual integrity and the Orthodox faith.They suffer in Russian, believe in Russian, fleeing in Russian.City - is an actor, acting is not even a witness and an accomplice in the crime of wild Raskolnikov and his remorse, repentance and return to the human world.

In conclusion

Fyodor Dostoevsky - a brilliant writer, considering different aspects of contemporary society and for his painting unvarnished real picture of life of the Russian people.Images of people, he created the novel "Crime and Punishment", imbued with the spirit of protest against the degradation of man, social injustice.World writer is based on the fundamental truths: the love of a man and recognize his spiritual individuality.All quest Dostoevsky's aim to create for people decent living conditions.Urban landscapes in this are enormous meaning.The image of St. Petersburg embodied a sense of hopelessness felt by the characters of the work.City crushes, strangles, inspires crazy ideas, evokes nightmarish visions.In this situation, and is born a crazy theory Raskolnikov.