Onegin and Lensky: comparative characteristic images

Pushkin - the greatest writer and poet of XIX century.From his pen came many wonderful works.The main difficulty is considered Pushkin's "Eugene Onegin".The product reflects the characteristics of life noble youth of XIX century.

Brief description of the product

"Eugene Onegin" - a novel in verse, hitting its artistic perfection of style and form, ease and beauty of the language.It reveals the variety of problems that troubled Russian society of the XIX century.In the image of noble groups Pushkin reflects the two most common problems of the time: the idealistic escape from reality and disappointment.

Protagonists product

Onegin and Lensky in the novel are "the best people age."These images Pushkin reflected the very issues that were most relevant at the time.Heroes are not satisfied with any brilliance of social life, which they regarded as cold and empty, no kind of poor and primitive rural everyday life.Both characters seek to find meaning in life, something higher and brighter.Eugene Oneg

in and Lensky stand out from the usual aristocratic environment.Both of them are educated, intelligent, noble.Heroes combines the breadth of interests and views.That is what brought them closer together, and marked the beginning of the friendship between them.Despite the differences in the nature of their mutual admiration on the course of the story was enhanced and deepened dialogue.Conversations rural landowners were significantly different from the conversations that led Onegin and Lensky.Analysis of their behavior, aspirations and views enables us to understand that the two characters have an inquisitive mind, we sought to know the meaning of life and touch all the spheres of human existence.The author emphasizes that disputes characters affect the philosophical, moral and political problems that troubled the progressive people of that era.Why, despite their similarities, there was a duel, Onegin and Lensky?It was later in the article.

Onegin and Lensky.Comparative characteristics

These two characters are the central figures in the product.They are completely different, but at the same time have a certain similarity.Their images - the two ways in which landlords were the best representatives of intelligentsia of the beginning of XIX century.The development of relations protagonists reflects the huge difference between them, setting off not only opposed to their features, but also the attitude to reality and to the people around them.Complete these two ways can a dead-end life or someone else's death.

Vladimir Lensky was present in poetic talent, it opens in a romantic mood.He sees the ideal even in "pustenkoy" pretty Olga.Friendship with Onegin Lensky mean for a lot.In the image of the image of Vladimir clearly visible connection to the Decembrist trends, which gives reason to believe the probability of its rapprochement with the best aristocratic intelligentsia, to prepare an uprising in 1825, which gives him the chance to become the poetic voice of the people.Faith in friendship, freedom, love is the purpose of life and the essence of Lena.

Eugene Onegin

This hero was a classic aristocratic education.He taught joking around, but despite not it was necessary for him Onegin knowledge.In mental development, he is far above their peers.Eugene a little familiar with the works of Byron, is aware of the works of Smith.But his passion is not raised in a shower of flame and romantic feelings.Onegin is spending his best years, many young people of his time: in theaters, at balls, in amorous adventures.But soon it comes to the realization that this whole life is empty, in the light reigns envy, boredom and slander, and the people senselessly burn time, spending on internal forces allegedly shine.As a result, Onegin loses interest in life, falling into a deep melancholy because his mind is sharp and cold blase secular pleasures.

Questions of good and evil in the relationship of the main characters

among the intelligentsia of that time was very popular treatise Rousseau (French philosopher and writer) "The Social Contract".It addresses important social issues.The most topical was the question of the state structure.Disclose the problem of relations between the authorities and the people who had the right to overthrow the government, violates the agreement between the State Union and the community of citizens.There was serfdom in Russia, created both political and economic difficulties.Progressive-minded members of the nobility were trying to find a solution to existing problems through the improvement and delivery methods of farming, the use of machine technology.Onegin and Lensky, comparative characteristics that would not be complete without their kind of activity is also thinking on this issue.The first was the owner of the waters and the plants, and the second - a rich landowner.Ethical issues, questions of good and evil have often been the focus of young people.Moral theoretical principles, refracted in the characters, and define their attitudes and their actions.

tragedy of the relationship of the central characters

Onegin and Lensky, comparative characteristics which can not do without mention of their personal qualities were of different ages.Vladimir - the younger of his ardent soul is not yet spoiled by life.He is everywhere looking perfect.Onegin is long gone through all listened to fiery speech Lena with a smile, trying to restrain his irony.For Vladimir friendship is an urgent need.Onegin as "friendly for the sake of boredom."But there is a particular affection for Eugene to Vladimir.Analyzing the duel Lensky and Onegin, it should be noted the priorities that are quite clearly seen in each of them.So, the more experienced the protagonist, despite his contempt for the world, valued his opinion, was afraid of reproaches and ridicule.Perhaps it was because of this false sense of honor Onegin and Lensky took up the challenge.Vladimir also defended the purity of their romantic notions of skepticism friend.Having received bad joke Onegin as treachery and betrayal, Lensky challenges him to a duel.


Vladimir Lensky and Onegin, which shows the comparative characteristics of the essence of the differences in their views, in the course of the story of best friends turned into enemies.First, get the challenge and realizing the futility of the fight and he was wrong, accept it.The murder of Vladimir overturns lifetime Eugene.He is no longer able to be in those places where the tragedy occurred.Tormented by remorse, Onegin begins to thrash around the world.However, as can be seen below, in his heart there is a change: it becomes more sensitive and responsive to the people, his heart opens to love.But here, it will be disappointed.Comparing all events, we can conclude that all his misfortunes are payback for the life lived without purpose.


can say with certainty that the death of Lensky symbolic.Unwittingly, it leads to the idea that romantic, a dreamer, an idealist - a man without knowing the reality, when faced with it must necessarily perish.In addition, these skeptics as Onegin remain live.They can not blame the ignorance of reality or idealism.Onegin knows life can well understand people.But what gave him this knowledge?In addition to the frustration and melancholy, unfortunately, nothing.The consciousness of his superiority over others puts a person at a fairly dangerous path, which eventually leads to dissociation of peace and selfish solitude.Survivor Onegin little use to society and not become happy.


In his novel Pushkin showed the reality of the way it was at the time.His work warns that in a society rotting from within happiness can be found only mediocre people whose interests of small and very limited."Unnecessary People" - Eugene Onegin and Lensky (an essay on this topic is included in the school curriculum of literature) - miserable in this life.They either die or continue to live devastated and disappointed.Even a high position and education do not allow them to be happy, do not facilitate their way.Awareness of the own mistakes come to him too late.But it is difficult to blame themselves heroes.Their life takes place in a world that dictates its own rules and it puts on certain conditions.Their characters are formed from birth under the influence of what is happening around them.In the words of Pushkin himself, made exclusively among Onegin and Lensky, indeed noble, intelligent people unhappy and disappointed.