Low self-esteem, its causes and consequences

Low self-esteem can be situational or stable.The reasons for it may become as real human problems in a particular area, and fictional.Often self-esteem is rooted in the past.Parents, friends, teachers can inspire a person diffidence.With age, this feeling is not gone, but only deeply rooted.Low self-esteem - it is a big obstacle.It prevents a person to grow and self-realization.As a rule, the uncertainty pushes away from him not only success in his personal life and career, but even people who are able to help.The problem with this kind of psychology involved.Self-esteem does not increase for a couple of sessions with a psychologist, but as a result of focused effort can be corrected.

Change self-esteem - so radically change the attitude.Constant nagging complaints and never will help eliminate problems push.From the people who underestimate yourself, you can hear that they do not like and use.And this is often true.However, the reason for this attitude of people, not as the man himself and his associ

ates, and self-esteem.People intuitively capture the uncertainty and not averse to take advantage of it.If the person did not evaluate yourself properly, then nobody will do it for him.Hardly anyone would argue pretty woman who has low self-esteem that she was beautiful.And, most likely, these arguments are useless.Help yourself to a person must.Otherwise, the situation can only get worse.Depression, alcoholism, suicide - all the possible consequences of the undervaluation of their qualities.About any motivation to normal life can not be considered.

Low self-esteem can prevent getting rid of problems.However, we must take himself in hand and decide on this step.It all starts with not praise himself, but slightly different.We need to try to was a small but notable progress in business.It was noted that people who do not like themselves, have a number of problems.One of them - is the lack of any real steps to achieve the goal (if the target exists at all).Another problem - it is the presence of the character traits for which these people despise myself and constantly feel guilty.Masochism should be left in the past.The first step is to respect yourself as a person - it is self-cultivation.If you have a problem with alcohol, you can try to refrain from it, if there is a fear of speaking, you have to try at least learn to speak in front of a mirror.

every movement forward can reward yourself.Confidence develops gradually.You just have to pay attention to their strengths rather than weaknesses.It is also important to stop punishing yourself.There are some things that can not be corrected.We can only accept them and live with them.However, most of all, most of the problems are solved.A person with low self-esteem, are not just trying to solve them, to find other methods to achieve the goal.Completely change the perception itself can be in a few years.This will require only purposeful work and motivation.To the motivation did not fall, it is necessary to recall the causes of dislike to him.Everyone starts after several attempts to detect such negative moments in his past.It could be family problems during childhood and ridicule in school, and the failure of the operation.Do not let the negative overshadow their horizons.For any troubles and failures should be treated properly.Fall in life, but winning those who have the strength to rise.If you can not change the situation on their own, it is best to turn to a psychologist.Do not wait until there will come a deep crisis and depression when no professional is not enough.