How to pass a urine test correct?

One of the most common methods of medical diagnosis is the analysis of human body fluids.Practically for any ailment therapist primarily requires the patient to donated blood and urine.It would seem that complicated to assemble and take stuff to the lab?

How to take a urine test?

In this case, there are several requirements and nuances.Be sure to know the purpose for which to collect the urine.Because one thing - to take the urinalysis.But, besides it, there are other studies that require this material.For example, the therapist may refer the patient to pass urine test for salt, sugar content, a study by Nechiporenko.Based on the destination, the urine is going quite differently.

also required to know the peculiarities of the regime of the day care and necessary to the analysis results are accurate.Of course, the competent doctor before the appointment of such research should explain in detail the patient what to do.But due to the fact that the practice of family medicine in our country is not ver

y developed, conventional therapists in clinics do not always take the trouble to educate the patient.


So the information about how to pass a urine test, will not be superfluous.And let us start with the most common type of this research.Let's find out what the requirements are put forward for this kind of as urinalysis.Where the material to pass it?You can refer to the laboratory clinic, hospital or antenatal clinic in the community.There will likely have to stand for all, but the analysis will have free or conditional "charity".

Another option - to turn to one of the independent private medical laboratories and diagnostic centers.Their advantage is fast and quality service, providing the results in time.But these advantages would have to pay, and sometimes a considerable sum.


Before you take a urine test, it is better to refrain from fatty and spicy food, alcohol, drugs.Donating it should be on an empty stomach early in the morning to collect the first morning urine in a specially designed container that can be purchased at the pharmacy.Because of the typical mistakes made by people with this analysis, the most common - the collection of material in non-sterilized jars or containers made of low-quality plastic.Also, not everyone knows that before to collect the urine, should wash the genitals, and in the direction of the anus.The first few milliliters should not collect.Also, do not collect the entire portion - enough doctors to 50 milliliters.

But with the need to identify the level of sugar is necessary to collect daily urine.This task, as it turns out, are not all the strength.How to pass a urine test for sugar?It should be in a dark glass container to collect the material generated by the body per day.Attributed to the laboratory should be a small part of it.Instead, this incident is not uncommon, as the three-liter bottles brought by patients, full of urine.Also, people do not always understand the expression "daily urine" is true - sometimes they bring stuff that day to settle the bank.

Thus, the rules of delivery of analyzes necessary to explain many patients, or the results of such research could lead to the confusion of both the patient and his physician.