How to induce vomiting after eating and why it should be done?

you know how to induce vomiting after eating?And some of the dangers that lurk in this?Want to know more?Read the article!

The most important

Our body every second makes a huge number of vital processes which man himself can not and will never be able to manage.Curiously, though some of the actions we are capable of.What kind?Now we learn!

Each of us probably at least once thought about how to induce vomiting after eating artificially.It is worth noting that the gag reflex in some cases do an excellent emergency mechanism.It is justified only when the body does not have enough power to perform a self-cleansing.

Why vomit after meals?

There are only a few reasons that induced emesis after a meal is considered to be fully justified.The most common of these are the only two.They consider.

  1. food poisoning.When a person is tightly eaten, but after dinner, suddenly felt unwell, it is imperative to be able to cause vomiting before arriving ambulance.
  2. Weight Loss.The ancient Romans with the help of a
    n artificially induced vomiting rid of quite a heavy meal.Today, people also resort to this method.This allows you and a tasty meal, and not let your body absorb the extra calories.Note that the use of this method is ambiguous, because it is associated with some risk.This is what we tell you below.Now we go to the main!

How to induce vomiting after eating?

  1. most well-known way - to shove two fingers in his mouth as deeply as possible.By the way, fingers may well replace the handle of a teaspoon.
  2. Imagine that you are eating something very ugly and disgusting (eg, cockroach).
  3. If you are experiencing some problems with the vestibular system, try to wander, shook his head, the swing, and so on. D. Rest assured, vomiting does not take long!
  4. Induce vomiting after eating will help you water.Perform any of the above methods, provided that your stomach is crowded with water.It will serve as a motivating factor to retching.

vomiting to lose weight - whether it is dangerous?

Many of us are seriously concerned about how to induce vomiting to lose weight.Getting rid of unwanted calories by this method is very dangerous for the body!The fact that many fans of diets, trying to keep your weight is normal, there are endless induce vomiting.Over time, it becomes a bad habit.As a result, beginning forms the psychological dependence, and more - anorexia, which leads to transformation, once lush and beautiful in his eyes turns into a hysterical, dystrophic and pale creature.And then the only way out - a hike to a neurologist.

Friends, before you think about how to induce vomiting after eating in order to lose weight, think about the possible consequences.Do not risk your own health.