Types of temperament, features of human behavior

Each of us is unique and different.We all feel sad when lonely, laugh at the moments of joy and tears when overtake mountain.However, we know that different people may have very different reactions to external stimuli.Someone, for example, absolutely calm reacts to extraneous comments, and someone does not accept criticism.Someone will laugh at him, happened to be in a silly situation, and someone feels offended.It depends largely on the type of temperament, which is given to him by Mother Nature since birth.It is known that temperament is inherited.From our part: "All his father, a stubborn", "all in the mother, such as shopping."

Temperament - a special feature of the human psyche, which reflects the dynamics of his mental activity.Another Greek philosopher Hippocrates, who lived about 480 years BC, the 4 types of temperament.Modern psychologists have found true scientific observation, so we still trust this classification, which has reached our days intact.

According to the classification of Hip

pocrates, the following types of temperaments: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, melancholic.The man with the type of temperament sangvinisticheskim open-minded, it is easy to find a common language with other people, to adapt quickly to change.You can recognize the sanguine in his cheerfulness, positive attitude;He says he used to fast, quick responsive to external stimuli.Pessimism is not specific to the type of people they will quickly recover from failures at work and in their personal lives and then safely thrown into the abyss of life.

Phlegmatic different balanced and calm character, he is slow, constant and practical.Other types of human temperament different from the phlegmatic greater mobility, their owners much easier to adapt to change.Among the positive personal qualities phlegmatic - restraint and deep thoughts, endurance, among the negative - boundless laziness, lack of emotion.Even when the phlegmatic bad, he will not arrange tantrums, crying, and just go into yourself.

Melancholy very impressionable and touchy, characterized by indecision and timidity.He usually modest, never takes a leadership position.Feature melancholic type of personality is the extraordinary richness of the inner world.Such people have a creative mind, can be good subordinates at work, diligent students in the school.Life setbacks and adversity can turn melancholic in a constantly nagging tediousness being dissatisfied with their lives.

Choleric emotional, quick-tempered, unbalanced.He quickly becomes enraged over and without, and just as quickly calmed.A person with this type of temperament, set itself the goal unattainable and always achieves them, even if the work has to "wear".Among the positive qualities of the choleric - integrity, tenacity, focus on results.

can not uniquely identify the best or the worst types of temperament.In every man laid the good and bad qualities.It is important to make sure that in the process of development of his personality is best manifested, and the worst receded into the background.All types of temperament are distinct but modern psychologists are inclined to say that currently there is practically no pronounced choleric, phlegmatic, and so on.Man in different periods of life can combine both increased emotional and calm.In addition, a person is constantly in development.What today seems very funny and entertaining, a year may seem silly and uninteresting.This does not mean that type of temperament may change over time.Every person has a place to be right all types of temperament.Some of them are dominant, others are less pronounced.For example, strict with subordinates impulsive head of the house can be very soft and flexible, and with the children at all sentimental.This behavior of the person directly demonstrates a combination of at least two types of temperament in the same person.