CVS: what it is, how it works

Today we look at the main issues of expanding CVS: what it is, how to use it, than to open.This is the native format of images used by some versions of applications ACD Systems Canvas.

CVS: what it is and what it eats

The above tool is designed to create a variety of technical illustrations.It should be noted that the Russian documentation on CVS - it is very rare, but we will try to analyze for you all available information.This material may include vector and bitmap image.Currently discontinued application development Canvas for the Mac.However, files with the CVS can be viewed today.

main application

Next we will talk about the program, which was created for this format before you answer various questions about CVS (that is, how to use it).In this case, the application will help us to Canvas.It is a professional graphics package, whose main specialization - it's vector graphics.

For the convenience of users who deal with technical illustrations were developed professional tools allows you t

o perform any action for editing images.

Opportunities Canvas

available export and view, save, and import images to various formats, including CVS.Any image that is created in the Canvas, you can print or save it for further processing.Special Canvas Print Driver allows you to store all image settings with the publication.The tool allows you to adjust the size of the file by modifying the image or font.Implemented management of funds ActiveX, as well as their inclusion in the draft created by the program.

Canvas lets you handle both two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics and provides great opportunities to make changes to these materials.Available collaborate on projects.The user can make adjustments to the objects, add a comment, leave a mark.Notes are placed on different layers to the main image, so if necessary, they are easy to turn off.

Now you know how to open the CVS file, but that's not all the information about this development, which we want to share.Follow on.

Some nuances of

By default, the Windows operating system is unable to open files in CVS.Trying to run this could lead to the emergence of the information that you need an application to work with no extension or GP fault occurs.If there is incorrect association with said material, this may be indicative of different base platforms computer software problems.If you are faced with such difficulties, be sure to scan the registry Windows.

Another view

important to know that when it comes to CVS, does not always mean image.The fact that under the same acronym for the phrase may be hiding Concurrent Versions System.In this case we are talking about a product that relates to the version control systems.Technology keeps a history of changes given set of files.Most often it is used in the source code of software, thus it makes life easier for a group of programmers who are working on a single project.

CVS is known in the industry of open source software.Distributed system under the terms of the GNU GPL.Currently active product development is complete, at the same time in the code made a small correction.CVS uses the architecture "client-server".Most often, the client connects to the server via the Internet or LAN, but can run on the same hardware if necessary to maintain the version history of a specific local project.

Typically, server software runs on Unix.In turn, the CVS client is available on all known operating systems.The server stores the current version of the history of the project and a special vault.The client in this case is connected to it, to get the right edition file or upload new.Thus, a working copy of the product.After making all the adjustments in their files sent to the server.At the same time on the copies of the selected project can run multiple clients.If the process is successful, the version numbers of affected files grow automatically, and the server records the date and user data in his journal.

customer can compare the different versions of the material, request the change history or to obtain the image of the project, specifying the revision number or a specific number.Curiously, because the project carries an open framework, customers can get acquainted with the versions of the files without a password.Knowledge of the secret combinations required only to make changes to the data.So we dismantled the main issues related to the CVS (that is, how to use it).