The outcome of the Northern War - the proclamation of the Russian Empire

Proclamation Russian empire was the second in November 1721 as a result of the Northern War, which was waged between the coalition consisting of the Nordic countries on the one hand, and the Swedish Empire - on the other.More than twenty years lasted Northern War (1700 to 1721) for control of the Baltic lands.Sweden lost the war, Russia has gained the upper hand.The victory in the Northern War led to the proclamation of the Russian Empire.

fateful period

In 1721 there was the proclamation of the Russian Empire with its capital in St. Petersburg.After the Mongolian and the British empire, founded by Peter I, I became the third state in area known at the time.Victorious in 1721, when Russia became an empire, provided the opportunity to enter into the Baltic Sea.Its coast has left a strong navy and army.

Russia and the proclamation of the empire, and getting Peter the title Emperor of Russia happened in the fateful year for the state.

Northern War.Reasons

the beginning of the XVIII century Swedis

h Empire had complete domination of the Baltic Sea and was one of the leading countries in Europe.Its power and a large area of ​​the country attracted by the Northern Alliance (it included Russia, the Danish-Norwegian kingdom and Saxony).In 1697 the Swedish monarch Charles XII was fifteen.This fact could not be considered as a very important country in the calculation of the Northern Alliance to an easy victory in the Northern War.

Russia experienced a sharp economic need for an outlet to the Baltic Sea, as it has at that time there was only one port in the White Sea - Arkhangelsk, and with a very heavy and irregular navigation system.

when in 1697 Peter the Great traveled to Europe and the Swedes took his cold, he took it as a personal insult, which later became one of the reasons for declaring war.

Northern War period of 1718-1721 years.

first peace congress of the Great Northern War was conducted in the spring of 1718.It is on the Aland Congress was necessary to determine the conditions for the signing of a peace treaty between Sweden and Russia.Sweden, however, delay the negotiations.This position was caused by the attitude of other powers in this matter.For example, Denmark was afraid of signing a separate peace between Russia and Sweden.

the autumn of 1718, on November 30, was killed Karl XII.It happened at the siege Fredrikskhalda.Sister King - Ulrika Eleonora - ascended the throne.Britain's position in the Swedish yard intensified.

July 1719.Under the command of Apraksin Russian navy landed troops near Stockholm.Then place raids to the suburban areas of the capital of Sweden.

the autumn of 1719 (November 9) Sweden signed a treaty of alliance with Britain and Hanover.The latter moved to Bremen and Verden.

during 1720 in Stockholm signed by one of the other peace treaties between Sweden and its former adversaries.January is the seventh world with Poland and Saxony, Feb. 1 - Prussia (the latter concedes Pomerania).

Fourteenth July was signed another peace treaty.By its terms, the Danish part of the stepped areas in Schleswig-Holstein, and was received monetary compensation.Now all Swedish ships passing through the Strait of Zundsky, had to pay a fee.

Finally, August 30, 1721 in the main Nishtadte signed a peace treaty.

Signing the Treaty of Nystad

This document completed the Northern War, which lasted from 1700 to 1721.For Russia annexed Ingria, Livonia, part of Karelia and the whole territory of Estonia.In addition, it undertook to return to Finland.In the Russian duty, according to the agreement included the payment of monetary compensation in Sweden.

Ratification of the agreement took place on September 9.In Moscow it was held lavish celebrations of the signing of the Treaty of Nystad.

Peter I - the first Russian emperor

In 1721, when Russia became an empire, Peter the Great, by the decision of the Senate and Synod, was adopted by title Emperor of Russia.The first among the royal title to recognize the new Russian czar was Prussia and the Netherlands.The last - Rzeczpospolita.This happened only in 1764.

Russian Emperor - the title of which were absolutely all the rulers of the Russian Empire from 1721 to 1917.

reforms carried out by Peter the Great

first Russian emperor went down in history not only as a brilliant military leader, but also as a progressive reformer.As a result of the Northern War Russia has been provided access to the sea.The construction of a modern fleet in the Baltic Sea.This process resulted in a significant transformation in trade and industry.When Peter the Great reforms have touched everything from changes in the chronology, ending transformations in education, religion and autocracy.