How to find out who put the spell?

Man to man the enemy.This principle has long been fundamental in our lives.Rivalry and competition do not lead to where we want.Instead welfare society we have a society in which more enemies than friends.People are so hate each other because of the promotion, a better car, a beautiful wife, and so they are ready to go all out to avenge a competitor.In all, up to the use of black magic.

You may not believe in magic, but they have to come to terms with the facts that confirm even psychologists.The negative energy emanating from the targeted person can bring you into serious trouble.It is called the impact of corruption.And if you will not be aware of who your secret enemy, the impact will be very hard to stop.That is why every person who is faced with the problem concerned how to find out who put the spell.

If you decide to remove the damage yourself, you should understand that a specific answer to the question how to find out who put the spell does not exist.You must determine this intuitively for

the wave of negative energy that comes from the man.It is, certainly, one of the nearest environment.If it does not work to determine it is necessary to use the most reliable means, comes to us with the wisdom of ancient books.

The offender is known, returned to the scene of the crime.Also, a man repairing the damage you will just break into your home, once you start to apply any protective measures.While you're interested in how to find out who put the spell your foe seeks to understand whether you have removed its negative impact or not.Even if the damage was unintentional, people still instinctively be attracted to you, and sometimes quite intrusive.

method works almost a hundred percent.You just need to hold rituals for the removal of damage or a direct internal forces the body to fight and wait mudslinger will not come to you in person.Thus, if the harm you going to start a magician or a person at all, I wish you evil on a subconscious level, the question is how to find out who did damage, solve for you very easily.But if you are faced with a professional black magician, it will be cautious and not exactly come to visit you own.

In this case, you can try to call it with the help of magical rituals.There are several old methods, which, however, require specific training.The easiest way - to drive a nail in the threshold of the house and call the enemy come to you in three days.However, to compete with a professional magician is not quite reasonable, and in this case it is better to seek help from other professionals that he brought a colleague to clean water.

Finally, if you really procedure simply do not find the answers and do not know how to determine who put the spell, more effective ways, try guessing on wax.Melt the wax and slowly pour it into a bowl of water, uttering these words: "The wax is pouring, pour out the enemy."The resulting silhouette tells you, at a minimum, the floor detractors.And in some cases you may even be able to solve the face of the enemy.

Having tried all the suggested techniques you probably can find the attacker, but the most important thing, the answer lies in your subconscious.You probably have guessed, and who are plotting evil, because it is necessary to restore damage to hate the person very much.Such a person must necessarily be found.Those who say that in order to understand how to find out who put the spell, wrong, wrong.You do not necessarily revenge.But to know the enemy's face - the first step on the road to victory.So, do not look at stabbed in the back!