Tips for the use of psychics in life.

Fashion for extrasensory captures not only our country, but all the powers of Eastern Europe.People who possess magical abilities, honor and respect, listen to them, interested in their predictions.Magicians and sorcerers, witches and fortune tellers, clairvoyants and molfarki - they all became known to the world after the grand TV project "Battle of the psychics."

Julie Wang

name of this extraordinary woman today on the lips of everyone.After a brilliant victory in the "battle" it just torn apart, not only the crowd of fans, but just people who want to know what will be in 2015.Julie Wang, psychic and clairvoyant, gives brief but voluminous answers to all questions.For example, it predicts the complete failure and collapse of many small and medium-sized businesses.And he adds: trouble overtake only those who honestly earn their bread as simply "eat" competitors dishonest.

As for the people, he falls into despair by a wave of layoffs, sweeping Russia.Many will lose their income, they will go bank

rupt.In order not to go to the dogs, Julia advises to keep their savings in euros or pounds sterling.But for relationships and love will be auspicious year, said Julie Wang.Psychic sure: despite all the difficulties, the youth will conclude marriages.The light will be a lot of so-called indigo children who possess supernatural powers and are able to foresee the future.

Julia war

This issue is very painful.Psychics try to talk about the war carefully, but the views of many agree that 2015 will be the peak of the conflict in Ukraine.Julie says that pockets of fighting on the territory of Donbas can significantly grow, and even provoke the beginning of World War III.In addition to Russia and Ukraine, to take an active part of America.If China supports the Russian Federation, the US Army will be destroyed by a huge overseas country economic crisis hit.Wang attributed the decisive role of China.Clairvoyant sure: this power conflict will develop to such an extent that to solve it by the truce is simply not succeed.

At the same China will begin internal fighting for the liberation of Hong Kong from British colonization.If the government will deal exclusively with the solution of their own problems and refuse to support Russia, threatens the collapse of the Federation.The war at the end of 2015 may cover the whole world, and this conflict will be the most bloody and fratricidal: in the course will go nuclear and biological weapons.

Tatyana Larina

This is another participant in the latest "Battle of psychics," the main rival and worthy counterpart Julia Wang.According to her, in 2015 will be more successful than the previous one.In Russia, will increase the production of essential goods: medicines, food and clothing.Vladimir Putin is on a horse.Larina sure that the president has an unusually strong energy and is able to protect the country from external negative influences.

Interestingly, but forecasts for the future, clairvoyants and focus on what is happening in the present.Tips for the use of psychics in life can be a guide to rights: they send him back on track, and safeguard against failures.Tatyana Larina in the plan pays great attention to the relationship, because it is a problem in the private sphere is the most interesting of its customers.Most importantly, he says the seer - is cast away the desire for revenge, if a loved one turned away from you.Releasing him, wishing sincerely good, we program ourselves not only on the acquisition of a new happiness, but also attract ago has left us human.

Zulia Radjabov

winner of the second season of "The Battle" provides valuable recommendations for how to attract money.Tips psychics often concern of certain rituals.And Zulia no exception.She advises to meditate.Before going to bed should be completely relax, says clairvoyant, and include soft music, light scented candles.Create room in semi-darkness, previously left alone with no one should distract you, disturb.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the workplace: you like a profession and position, you get to enjoy it.And yet - for the work you generously rewarded.Dream about how to get a big salary and a valuable prize, becoming the most respected officer.Imagine how you envelops the golden haze, and in his hands is a lot of money: they fill your body.Feel the joy of sudden wealth, how you buy expensive things, pay off debts, going to rest.The main thing is to feel the reality represented by pictures, then all the tips for the use of psychics in life will help achieve the desired goal.

prediction for 2015 from Zulii

Mrs. Radjabov does not like to make predictions of political life.But some of my thoughts, she still shared.Seer says that 2015 will be a period of great change in the CIS.Three madman who held the reins of power will be overthrown.Two killed, one will be able to escape.This change of government will be crucial to the development of the countries of Eastern Europe: they finally will find the political stability, there will flourishing economy and a surge of cultural activity.

As for Russia, the predictions of psychics often do not coincide.Some predict a complete financial collapse of the state, the other - a new "golden age."Zulia avoids specific comments.Limited only stingy with the phrase: "We are on the verge of great change."According to her, a dark era is over, there will come after new life.And that success is expected of everyone, psychic advises using spices that will not only make food taste better, but are attracted to a man of success in a particular field.Those who in 2015 wanted to get rich, you should eat plenty of mint, cinnamon, clove and basil.Love will attract to you vanilla power - bay leaf.Those who want to keep a youth, you need to pay attention to rosemary and cardamom.

Alexander Sheps: how to bring good luck?

seer became popular in 2014 after being captured TV viewers with his talent.He does not stint on the comments and recommendations.Tips for the use of psychics in life often relate to luck.Sheps, for example, argues that success is directly proportional to the amount of location ring and the material of which it is made.So, gold will bring happiness to the owner only if to put it on the ring and index fingers.If they decorate the little finger or the thumb, it is, on the contrary, will make life a disharmonious, you quarrel with close people.

thumb ideal copper ring.Emotional and hot-tempered people, it will endow rationalism and tranquility.Tin accessory on the index finger will gain determination, self-confidence.The iron ring on the middle phalanx of the financial situation stabilizes, things will improve, will develop intuition.Interesting, but to attract good luck, you can also using candles: lit orange will give power, purple and brown - money, pink - female attractiveness, yellow - creativity, blue - prudence, green - a boost of energy, black - Health, white - energy cleansing.

What to expect in the future?

forecast psychics regarding the war, often the same.The same Alexander Sheps similarly predicts confrontation between Russia and the United States.According to him, this will be the Cold War.With regard to the fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, they will end by the end of this year.Despite this, the calm in the Ukraine and Russia will come at once: for the powers to a wave of demonstrations and strikes organized by frustrated and tired of the political intrigues of ordinary citizens.

Alexander Sheps says, in 2015, it is important that people a positive attitude.That is the starting point of their personal success.Also positive, you must also strictly delineate the main objectives.Only properly formulated plans and clear intention to lead to the desired results.Scheps also advises not to be afraid of difficulties, to send the full potential on the back of a solution difficult.In 2015, you have to work: work will improve the financial position and lift status.Idleness and condition of doom can throw you to the bottom of society.

Alena Kurilova

winner of two seasons of Ukrainian "Battle" politics does not like to talk.Like other psychics predictions, forecasts its promise to end the conflict between the two brotherly peoples.According to the clairvoyant, winter 2014-15 was the most difficult time for Russia and the Ukraine: an economic crisis, a terrible inflation, unemployment and food shortages hit the two states at the same time.War and culminated in the early spring began to decline.End black stripes seer predicts the end of the spring: it was at this time comes understanding of the situation, people will gain confidence in a bright future.

Moreover, 2015 could be a conflict for couples who are married, says Alain Kurilova, psychic.Tips designed to avoid quarrels and differences relate primarily to change the situation in the house: Make the rearrangement of furniture, make updates to the surroundings of the apartment.It will not only be an additional source of joy to the family, but also help change the direction of energy flow in the room.It is recommended to decorate the walls with paintings, a sofa - cushions, windows - various accessories.The house is filled with a new, light energy and will make harmony in the relationship.

Ilona Cauldre about 2015 m

Tips psychics for use in life often have a generic character.But Estonian Ilona Cauldre seer managed to clear recommendations for each month of the year.For example, at the beginning of winter it was necessary to remain calm and if possible to get rid of all the excess.March - the month of gaining faith and confidence.In April worth saving, or risk turning buying a new dress in the acquisition of the entire collection.In May the luck will bring humility and work, which will grind all the turmoil.June - a fabulous month.It is recommended to play the lottery and discover new projects, because any deal is doomed to success.

July overspend.This is the best time for shopping.In August, only optimism save from depression and the failure of important tasks at work.September will give the opportunity to start all over again.Paint colors life: change your job, buy a car or just join a gym.October requires decisive action, while avoiding conflicts with colleagues.In November, experiment, and be sure to build in December ambitious plans.At the end of the year will also learn to respect the partner and his personal space.

Hayal Alekperov

Renowned clairvoyant originally from Azerbaijan.Reviews of psychics vary, but about Khayal say only good and his fans and colleagues.Visionary abilities are unique, and the forecasts are always confirmed.With regard to the conflict in Ukraine, the Khayal is sure to talk about the invasion can be in the beginning of the war, now fueling opposition parties misunderstanding.According to him, if people forget about aggression and remember that they are blood brothers, the troubled times over.There will come a revival of the state.

period from April to September psychic-called temporary truth.In the summer you need to find answers to all the exciting questions.Since there will be a strengthening of influence of Jupiter and Saturn, it is recommended to avoid complications and avoid side issues.From late September to December is necessary to make decisions.It is time for a change, realization of new ideas.Bal will rule intuition that will lead to the right path.

interesting, but tips for the use of psychics in life always point to the internal powers of man.In recommending people to maximize the potential, clairvoyants instill in them the confidence and determination, give hope, taught to believe in everything rely on love.