Sanatorium "Red Talca" (Gelendzhik): reviews

Gelendgik city has long been the Black Sea health resort.Throughout its territory relict plants, oak forests, fragrant gardens, and on this natural splendor tower gentle slopes.In the valleys grow junipers and pine Pitsunda.However, people come here not only for the contemplation of natural resources and beach activities, but also for a full treatment.

the dispute and to refute the fact that the resort of the Krasnodar Territory is one of the best health centers, no one will.Mother Nature has awarded the city a miraculous climate, which is beneficial for all living things.A truly relax and get maximum pleasure invites sanatorium "Red Talca".

For over 30 years he pleases locals and resort guests.Tourists boarding house were high-ranking officials, ranging from athletes and ending with political figures.There often are visiting foreign nationals from the European Union.Many times, the complex took an active part in various competitions and won prizes.Few can boast of similar achievements.

dispensary is conveniently located with respect to urban infrastructure.Vacationers do not need to travel long distances to get to the entertainment, shopping and business centers - all facilities are concentrated in close proximity.Nearby is the dolphinarium, amusement park, cultural center, library, banks and other places.


Sanatorium "Red Talca" (Gelendzhik) comments from visitors received thank you.Guests say a good word against a good service and clean rooms.For accommodation offers rooms of different comfort and class, which are located in the 9th floor (the main building) and a 4-storey building.

each room's balcony offers scenic views of the park area, the mountains and the bay.All rooms have installed air-conditioner, held a landline phone to communicate with the administration in the presence of furniture, a bathroom and a refrigerator.Guests can stay in comfortable apartments and luxury VIP-class two-room.

In the summer, everyone will be able to stay in a small cottage on the shore of the Black Sea.In this case there are three rooms with separate entrance and facilities.The house is adjacent outdoor swimming pool.Daily cleaning service is provided in all rooms.

power supply system

People who buy a ticket, get a free five-single food that is served in the dining room (on the first floor of the main building).A varied assortment of dishes, guests can choose their own liked dish from the View menu (buffet).Served fresh pastries, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

addition, sanatorium "Red Talca" organizes meals for patients on diet (to destination specialist).Also in the building are bars, cafes and restaurants.You can place your order directly to your room.Menu abounds exclusive alcoholic beverages, hot and cold dishes from different cuisines.


If the pension has its own fenced beach, strewn with fine sand.The coast runs rescue service, a bar with soft drinks and sweets.In the presence of comfortable loungers and sun umbrellas for your comfort.The beach is not more than two hundred meters.For guests sanatorium "Red Talca" (Gelendzhik) offers exciting water sports, including diving services.

Medical base

The medical center can undergo therapy coursework even children from one year.Clinic specializes in the following areas: diseases of the respiratory, nervous and cardiac systems.Wishes to be able to get quality treatment for gynecological and urological diseases.The diagnostic department specialists take the following directions:

  • pediatrician.
  • therapist.
  • ENT doctor.
  • urologist, andrologist.
  • cardiologist.

conduct all laboratory tests for the correct destination therapy (clinical, biochemical, immunochemical assays).Work offices ultrasound, ECG, REG.The list of therapeutic interventions rather wide, including: thalassotherapy (sea water recovery), mud therapy, laser therapy, inhalation, massage, heat therapy methods.

Sanatorium "Red Talca" whose photo illustrates the procedure used in medical practice alternative treatment.Herbal medicine is prescribed as an additional source of synthetic drugs, it helps significantly improve overall, to strengthen the body's defenses.Medicinal plants are selected individually - tailored to the particular organism of the disease.

list of health programs

It is a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures aimed at restoring, strengthening and cleansing the body.All programs have been clinical studies are carefully designed by experts and deservedly popular with tourists.Of sanatorium "Red Talca" offers pass exchange treatment on the latest technologies.

Persons with respiratory pathology will be offered a program "Healthy breathing".With it is possible to eliminate inflammation, restore the mucosa and epithelium after infectious diseases, improve circulation, cleanse the tonsils.

Especially for men with prostatitis and erectile dysfunction developed a unique technique of "second heart".A course of treatment normalizes blood circulation, relieves pain, eliminates discomfort, prevents recurrence.To consolidate the result is sometimes necessary to repeat the treatment after 12 months.

There is a program for women designed to eliminate the problems in the gynecological field (adnexitis, adhesions, endometriosis, infertility, amenorrhea).Is the treatment of patients with neurological disorders in "Health" technique and musculoskeletal diseases under the "Movement without pain."Also assisted core.


wellness resort "Red Talca" (Gelendzhik) (photo presented in the material) invites you to visit a modern-equipped spa, which offers a high quality to pass procedures.On the recommendation of a beautician an individual program for rehabilitation and relaxation of the whole body.

you immerse yourself in the world of beauty, pleasure and harmony, taking a bath.Developed and tested specialized techniques for correction, helping in a short time hated to lose weight, to smooth the skin and remove cellulite.The interior uses a monitor cleaning the intestinal tract, wraps, hardware cosmetology, acupuncture, spa treatments.

Leisure activities

Sanatorium "Red Talca" in Gelendzhik offers outdoor swimming pools with water slides.There is a children's ward for younger guests.The children have no time to get bored, as they work the game club, where they will be supervised by a teacher.Outdoor playground built for active pursuits.In the presence of electric vehicles, inflatable rides, animated shows.

No less interesting thought-out program for an adult audience.It features sports courts, a fitness room and a library.Daily organized dance and theme parties.On-site point of ticket sales, has parking, ATMs.For business meetings, a conference hall with a round table and technical equipment.

path to follow from the airport on a scheduled daily shuttle bus № 5. It is necessary to get off at the "Palace of Culture" and a bit to go on their own to the boarding house.Either hire a private car.

From the bus and train / railway station is sent to public transportation under the number # 1, 3, 5, 13. Get off at the same stop.

wellness resort "Red Talca" (Gelendzhik): reviews

Most vacationers speaks of the health resort in a positive way.Many guests gladly come here again.Pleasant words are addressed courteous and knowledgeable staff.Pleased quality menu, plenty of entertainment services.

Women were delighted with the spa.After the procedure again feel the second youth, a burst of energy and good mood.Having visited the sanatorium "Red Talca" rave reviews about that, you will find spiritual harmony, restore physical activity, admire the environment and return home with new energy.