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Nikolay Nekrasov - the famous Russian poet.His works are imbued with compassion for the common people.They trace the love for their land.Such is the poet and the poem "Grandpa."Get acquainted with the product summary.

Nekrasov "Grandpa" - the beginning of the poem

First, readers will learn about the boy Sasha.He does not go to school, but it is very curious.As a child he saw his father in the office portrait of a man and asked who it was.Dad replied sadly, that this grandfather Sasha.The boy began to recognize my mother why he had never seen his grandfather, maybe it's bad?She said that the grandfather is good, just miserable.So begins the poem by Nekrasov ("Grandfather").Summary talks about further developments.

One boy saw that his parents clean up the house and look at the same time very happy.He soon found out why.They came to the same grandfather Sasha.In this scene, the reader learns what honor and respect assisted senior in the 19th century father washed the feet of his grandfather, an

d my mother combing her curls and kissed him.And my grandfather was very happy to meet with their families.Where is he lost all this time?The answer to this question is a summary of

Nekrasov "Grandpa" - the continuation of the narrative

child and grandfather became good friends.In the summer they swam in the boat, we went for a walk together.During one of these walks Sasha's grandfather saw a farmer who plowed the land.He said that he rested himself vpryagsya the plow.Asked grandson, he replied that he was sorry for the peasants, because they have no easy share, and hard work.He told Sasha about a prosperous village whose name Tarbagatai.The settlement is far beyond Baikal.It was sent to several farmers in the church schism.There, people live happily and contentedly.They are spravno cows that are as thick as a merchant city, and horses can be even now send to the exhibition.Geese so much that when they close, it seems as if it is a huge white carpet that stretches to the horizon.

That's a thriving village tell a summary of the story "Grandpa."Nekrasov really wanted were the village.But servile position of the peasants at the time ruled out this possibility.

Singer of the people who are very sympathetic to the peasants

To show terrible plight of ordinary people in society, Nikolai mouth of one of the main characters tells a sad story.Once in a church wedding went.Young had wanted to wear the ring, here in the temple of God, went to pray one landowner.He began complaining, why the wedding goes without a permit?He gave the groom a soldier, and then the service could last for 25 years.Disenfranchised peasants were at the time.

This summary says.Nekrasov (grandfather Sasha brings thoughts of the author to the reader) could not remain indifferent to such a terrible situation of the poor people.Apparently, an old man was involved in the revolt of the Decembrists.It is for this king was exiled to Siberia.This is not explicitly written in the poem, but it strongly suggests the author.After all, his grandfather in the evening, something Master, sang songs about freedom, about the terrible proportion of peasants.He sang and Volkonskaya Troubetzkoy.These women followed their husbands to Siberia, where deported there after the uprising.They are not afraid of difficulties and shared their fate with their husbands.

End product

But all this boy Sasha is not yet known.Adults did not respond to his questions about where his grandfather was the whole time.This tells summary, Nekrasov.Grandpa told you everything grandson learns as you study the history and geography.The boy really wanted to learn, and now he is already 10 years old.He became a diligent student and, of course, realized that his grandfather - a real hero.He fought for the rights of peasants, suffered from the heavy fraction of ordinary people and that is what he was exiled to Siberia.This product is no longer in the states, but I think the reader will understand it.