How to make a beautiful cheekbones.

Each advertising covers are looking at us with amazingly beautiful model cheekbones.Expressive cheekbones are able to give our party a special finesse, completeness appearance.So how to make cheekbones are the same as the models on the cover?This can be done in different ways: by means of a make-up by uploading a gel in the cheekbones, or doing special exercises.The latter option is the most reliable, because it does not require the cost of funds for the operation and all kinds of cosmetic tweaks.

How useful exercises for cheeks

So, before you learn how to make the cheekbones appear through the gym, should tell, what is its effect.Under the influence of exercise, this area becomes tighter, resulting in expression appears necessary to us.Strengthening the skin with the help of exercises beneficial affects the appearance of the whole.The processes that make our skin loose and saggy, slow down, and you save the youth for a long time.Well, if you'll not only think about how to make the cheekbones, but

also combine gymnastics with firming mask.

In order to prepare a person to exercise, it needs to be cleaned of makeup and a little stretch your lungs, massaging gently.

Gymnastics slimming face

Others worry about not only the question of how to make the cheekbones.But the question "how to lose weight in the face."For them will be a useful implementation of an exercise that leads to skin tone and helps him lose weight.So, the mouth slightly open, roll up your lips for teeth.Strain all the muscles of the face, until the feeling of tiredness and burning.You can hold up in the face hands, but without stretching the skin, but gently, as if stroking it and imagining it becomes more fit and beautiful.

Exercise to tone facial contours

is important to know not only how to make the cheekbones, but also how to give a person rested appearance.To do this, there is a remarkable and very effective exercise: it is necessary to inflate the cheeks, spreading the air over their entire area.Hands with the need to put on the cheek, so that your fingers touch the ears.Now press your palms on the cheeks, feeling their resistance.Hold for approximately six seconds.

How to make the cheekbones more expressive

to study the muscles of the cheeks have a very interesting and fun exercise.Now, round the mouth in the form of the letter "O" and push the tongue inside his cheek, and push it into the language.It is noteworthy that the first attempt to perform this exercise properly you are unlikely to succeed.Then start moving the tongue across the cheek area to better work through her muscles.

you need to do about twenty movements to each side of the face, and then they will work out all the muscles of his cheeks.If you during this exercise, the feeling of tension in the lower part of the language, it means that you choose not only the problem of how to make the cheekbones, but at the same time struggling with sagging chin.

How to tone the lower part of his cheeks

This exercise will help solve the problem of how to make a beautiful cheekbones, if the lower region of your face lost its youth and freshness, since its implementation is involved is the area that connects the cheek and lowergum.So you need to make between the gum and cheek and finger as if to delay her down.At the same facial muscles, you should resist this movement, pulling her back to the teeth.

is enough to give this exercise only 15 minutes every day, and in a short time you get the desired result.

How to expressive cheekbones and give them a clear outline

For this exercise you need to sit on a chair and tilt the head back, teeth clenched tightly.Now pull your shoulders down, but be careful to not strain the muscles of the cheeks, or the desired effect you get.

to exercise the facial muscles is also useful to perform the following exercise - strain the muscles of the face and said slowly, "O", "U", "I".Try to control the muscles that they were in a state of stress.

Imagine that in your mouth for one cheek is a tennis ball.Tumbleweed this imaginary ball at the other cheek through his upper lip, and then back again, but in a lower lip.And so the circle move for ten to fifteen minutes.

General recommendations

exercises, problem-solving, how to make beautiful cheekbones and expressive, you can do any amount of time at your discretion, but not less than 5-10 times, otherwise the desired result you get, but it is too overtaxitself is not necessary.On average, a set of exercises you need to allocate 15 minutes a day to perform their best in the morning after washing.

And believe me, this is simple at first glance exercises can work wonders on your face.With its help you remove the crease on his forehead, tighten the eyelids, smooth out the nasolabial folds and, of course, clearly express your cheekbones.Of course, radically change the situation is not so simple, but it is essential to improve the appearance is quite real.Anyway gymnastics much better and more useful procedures such as Botox or a surgical lift.The main thing - to find time every day to perform these exercises.

As highlight cheekbones using makeup

Expressive cheekbones are always in fashion.Actresses and models are all sorts of tricks, trying to make his broad face and almost not expressed cheekbones more elegant and precise.Looking at them, it is difficult to imagine that such results they have achieved, just skillfully using a special technique applying makeup.So, how to make the cheekbones more and more expressive with the help of make-up.

Remove the bags in the cheeks

Before you apply makeup, you need to properly prepare the person to remove it all the flaws and shortcomings.That is necessary to remove the bags in the cheeks and disguise dark circles under the eyes.Of course, these problems need to fight and prevent their occurrence.To do this, there are many recipes of traditional medicine, cosmetics and massages.But what if the result is needed quickly, right now?To do this, the best cosmetic products than the tonal basis, has not yet been invented.Therefore, it must begin with her any makeup.

tonal framework When choosing a woman must give preference to a shade that is as close to its natural complexion.In addition, the cream should be well and to go unnoticed and mask all the flaws of the skin: fine lines, redness and bags on the cheeks.It is worth noting that a good foundation can not be cheap, expensive creams and choose proven brands and get the desired result.

Once your face is prepared for applying makeup, your task - to hide the swelling of the cheeks to make them more clear and expressive.This technique make-up to help solve the problem of how to make a sunken cheekbones, involves adding face concealers dark tone.Make the outline of the cheekbone can be more expressive tonal basis using a darker shade.A few shades darker than your natural complexion.

Apply it means you need to bias, focusing on the line just below your cheekbones.Try to keep your movements were smooth and measured.Stylists are advised in this case to use for applying makeup sponge corner in the form of a wedge.Tonal basis of dark tones, stamped from the line of cheekbones to the temples, will help hide the puffiness in the cheeks and visually lift the their line, making the outline of your face more stringent and elegant.

And remember that a clear boundary between the base of the natural tones and darker means should not be.Therefore, carefully shaded cosmetics.That it was not obvious transitions.All of these tips are relevant and when applied to the cheekbones blush, of course, if you use them in your makeup.From the correct use of tonal foundation and blush perfection depends on your image.High cheekbones and a little bit of bright colors on the face create an incredible effect, and you'll look better than popular actresses or models from world podiums.

If you are on a daily basis will allocate some time to perform this simple set of exercises and learn simple secrets and subtleties of proper application of makeup, make sure you'll look like a real queen.From your expressive face with clearly defined cheekbones will be very difficult to look away.