Unusual names of all time

What tricks do not go to the people, to become famous, to stand out, to become "not the same as everyone."Somehow, many parents think that the child should be named as a pretentious, and it will automatically inherit the unique, unique destiny.And come to light such unusual names that simply amazed!

It would seem that what is needed even more glory to children of famous people?And so they all life under the gun cameras and scrutiny of the paparazzi.But no!Are born Mick Angelo Christie and Eva-Vlad Anisin-Dzhigurda Apollo cords and Harry S. Maksimovic Galkin.

not lag behind foreign stars.David Beckham's son Brooklyn calls - in honor of the New York area, where he was born.Frank Zappa calls the beloved daughter Moon Unit - Moonlight and Gwyneth Paltrow (apparently for advertising purposes) came up with his name crumb Apple (Apple).

Unusual names appear each year around the world.In France, in the XIX century family lived by the name of 1792. Children deprived of imagination parents were named after

months of the year: January, February, March, April.It is not clear why, following his bizarre logic, the French did not sired a dozen children - could create a family saga called "12 months".

With typical American humor mom and dad Jackson from Chicago called them (otherwise sformuliruesh) their unfortunate children meningitis, laryngitis, appendicitis, peritonitis, and tonsillitis.A couple from New Orleans picked up his daughters, probably "the most unusual and beautiful" names - Mu Wu Gu.

Spain uncommon name, consisting of a set of words.For the full name (with name) famous artist Pablo Picasso was composed of 93 letters.There are long nicknames in other regions of the world.102 letters in the name of an American from Honolulu, 598 - the lady from Montana.But the longest name in the world - India.Its owner is a simple name Brahmatra.But his name is composed of 1478 letters.Just to read it out loud, it takes 10 minutes!

general in India unusual names - are not uncommon.Here you can meet young people whose name I love potatoes, silver dollar or two kilograms of rice.The last name was given by its owner, not because he can eat a serving of cereal in one sitting, but because that is how much the state gives parents groats unborn baby.Apparently, in this case, Mom and Dad moved simple human thanks.

Unusual Russian names - is not uncommon.After the October Revolution, many citizens of the young state it seemed that the world must change everything, including names.During this period the Russian imenoslov replenished borrowed names and "word creation" parents.It was a flurry of new and unusual names.The light appears Tractors and industrialization, Diesel and Dazdraperma.Many of the names of the revolutionary era, by the way, settled down and are found today: Ninel, Kim, Vladlen.

later also met with similar examples of "neologisms".There are such unusual names as Uryurvkos ("Hurrah! Jury in space!") Dazdrasmygda ("Long live the union of town and country!") And Kukutsapol (from "corn - the queen of fields").

The family of the poet Todor Klyashtorny, repressed in the 30s, the eldest daughter named Tadiana (on behalf of the parents: Todor and Ioannina)

There have been romantic stories associated with unusual names.Poet George Ushakov participated in the battles for the liberation of Belarus in Vitebsk in 1944.In the front area of ​​the river Luchesa was 9 months.Ushakov wrote a poem in which the strings were:

«In memory of those who fell Rosny grass
ever, gave its duty honestly, I
future daughter call
Your beautiful name Luchesa".

poet died at Vitebsk, but the story had a continuation.Sister George Ushakov had four sons.Senior daughter named Luchesa.Today, the only one on the planet Luchesa lives in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.But even she says bitterly that the unusual name is the object of ridicule in childhood hurt into adulthood.

Because it is not clear what drives people who give children fanciful names.How is today 11-year-old Boch RVF 260 602, as well as Viagra, beloved Casper, lettuce, air traffic controllers or Fifi Triksibel?

probably no accident every year tens of thousands of people change their name in the registry office.Fortunately, this is allowed.