American men in the mirror names etymology and Statistics

topic of our today's article - US men's names.By this combination of words we understand the so-called «lastnames» of boys from the United States.Since this country was founded by immigrants, and replenished with lots of immigrants, it is rich imenoslov nicknames of various nations.But the basis of it is made up, of course, the names of English-speaking peoples who came from the shores of the United Kingdom - English, Scots, Welsh, Irish.They made a strange mixture of African and Indian names abound "nicknames" of other European nations.As in any multi-ethnic country, the process continues to this day.

According to the 2000 census, to date, the US men's names are counted, and make up a little over 150 thousand unique «lastnames».The most popular, of course, is the name of Smith (Smith).In America, home to nearly 2.5 million of its representatives (including 73% white and 23% black).Last name is Anglo-Saxon origin, "in translation" means "blacksmith".Etymology, however, write that originally blacksmith

s in England called any craftsmen, not only those who forges metal products.

already in the XIX century, this name was very common and met daily in the newspapers.When American pranksters wanted to take a seat in the theater, they ran into the auditorium, shouting: "Lit House John Smith!" Among those present certainly turned out to be a man with a name like that, who rushed to extinguish the fire, to make room.

also widespread following the American men's names.

  • Johnson (Johnson) - «son of John";corresponds to the Russian Ivanov;nearly 2 million Americans wear that name.
  • Williams (Williams) - «son of William";8 centuries this surname competed with Johnson in popularity;Today its members about 1.5 million.
  • Brown (Brown) - «son of Bruna and Brown";1.3 million carriers.
  • Miller (Miller) - «Miller";slightly more than one million representatives.
  • Davis (Davis) - «son of David, Dave";about one million carriers.

As you can see, the US men's names could be formed from the male names ("son of so and so"), nicknames, occupations, geographic names (Lancaster, Davenport, England), on terrain features (Poole, Founteyn Rock) or have otherroots.

Interestingly, the ten common names came in and borrowing from Spanish: Garcia (Garcia) - «son Garcia" and Rodriguez (Rodriguez) - «son, Rodrigo."There are some beautiful American male names of Spanish origin as Kabaleyro (Cabaleiro), Fandino (Fandino), Madalina (Madalina), - just over 11 thousand.They are, incidentally, almost not subjected to the "Americanization" sonically.

But the names of Russian origin in the United States 167,000.Well accustomed, adapted to the American phonetic system, Pavlov and Pavloff, Petroff and Petrov, Ivanov Ivanoff and Sabelnikova, Tabakov Nabatova and many others.

course, there are the names of men of African descent.For example, the current US president Barack Obama is a native family, widespread in Kenya and Tanzania.It comes from a verb meaning "to turn, squirm."In 2000, the US population of no more than 100 people by the name of Obama.In fact, many African Americans today tend to return once lost the "native" family.

interesting to analyze the origin of the names and other American presidents.Bush - "the bush";Clinton - "Cape (hill) from the city";Reagan - "Reagan's son - the little king";Carter - from "Card, a small car";Ford - "ford crossing" and so on.

As you can see, the American names (male and female) - a very interesting topic for research.