Georgy Zhukov.

Georgy Zhukov - a great commander.His name is inextricably linked with the most significant victories in the history of the Great Patriotic War.Zhukov - marshal, whose signature is under the act of unconditional surrender of Germany.This commander, who took on Red Square Victory Parade.Photo Georgy Zhukov, a skilled military leader and an extraordinary man, you can see below.

Warlord was handed two crosses of St. George, and four times was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.Georgy Zhukov - a great military leader, who won the battle at the strongest army in the world, but lost at the same time in Moscow's political battles.

Childhood and adolescence

Georgy Zhukov, biography which began in the late nineteenth century, a new style was born on 01.12.1896, the near Kaluga in the village Strelkovka.His parents were simple poor peasants.With a certificate of merit at the Georgy Zhukov graduated from a parochial school three classes, then he was sent to study at the furrier's shop, located in Mo

scow.There Zhukov was able to complete the course parallel to the town school for up to two years.This boy attended and evening classes.

Seventh August 1915 a young man drafted into the army.Serve as he was in the cavalry troops.As part of the tsarist army Zhukov took part in the fighting of the First World War.In late 1916, a young non-commissioned officer was sent to the South-Western Front, where he fought in the tenth Novgorod Dragoon Regiment.

George Cross fourth degree Zhukov was awarded for the capture of a German officer.
But soon the military career was cut short, and before it began.Zhukov has received a heavy concussion, partially lost his hearing and was sent to the reserve regiment.The second George Cross he received for combat wounds.This time the award was the third degree.In December 1917, the squadron disbanded.George went to his parents in the village, where for a long time was ill with typhus.

Zhukov was considered a good soldier and rewarded.However, his fate was not unusual.A brave soldier like him, there are more than one hundred thousand.Hard to say what would have been the fate of Georgy Zhukov, if it had not occurred in the Russian Revolution.

Early career military

As a non-commissioned officer, Georgy Zhukov unconditionally and immediately accepted the October Revolution.It is worth noting that, for the king's cavalry, this fact was uncharacteristic.Among the few was Georgy Zhukov.His biography as a war began with the arrival of the new government, which needed a team of experienced personnel.Zhukov began to serve in the Red Army and made a fantastic career.

Under Soviet rule, which suits his social origin, Zhukov graduated from the cavalry and machine gun higher courses.Already in 1919 he joined the Communist Party.Further its way not unlike the standard careers of young Bolsheviks.Initially, he was appointed a company commander, then squadron, and after - the regiment.

Service Zhukov held in privileged troops - in the cavalry.There were generals Budyonny and Voroshilov - Comrade Stalin of the Civil War.These generals have also contributed to the promotion of Zhukov on the career ladder.From numerous purges carried out in the army in the twenties and thirties, his position in life was saved by adhering to which, Georgy did not join any group of Trotsky, any team of his opponents.

his first very important post Zhukov was in 1938. He was appointed to command the troops of the Belarusian special district.

war with Japan

In August 1939, Zhukov was sent to protect the Mongolian border.There he confronted the sixth Japanese army.Prior to the appointment location is great commander in the Far East Army Group was deplorable.In parts of the Red Army was a weak front lines.At the same time almost completely absent from the rear.Bare steppe, where the troops were stationed, stretched for many kilometers.At the same time the military towns is nothing more than a cluster of huts.The situation is often compounded by an acute shortage of drinking water and fuel.In addition, the officers and soldiers of the Red Army did not have enough experience of fighting in the deserts and steppes.In this regard, the Japanese had a clear advantage.

arrival, Zhukov quickly assessed the situation.At the same time he was able to quickly replace the existing system of management of military units.As a result of fierce fighting the Japanese army was a heavy defeat.

pre-war years

Georgy Zhukov was appointed commander of the Kiev military district in 1940. According to the Soviet military doctrine, this is often assigned to the most significant role.However, after the defeat of the Red Army in the war with the Finns Stalin radically revised approach, which relied on the construction of the entire structure of the armed forces.In this regard, Zhukov was recalled to Moscow.In early 1941 the commander, as General of the Army, was appointed head of the General Staff.Deputy Commissioner of Defense and at the same time was Georgy Zhukov.Brief biography of the great military leader in the pre-war years, which was set forth above, to judge of him as an outstanding and talented individual.

German attack

At the beginning of the war Georgy Zhukov was in the same position.In addition, the very next day after the German invasion of the commander was one of the members of the Supreme Commander.

beginning of the war has caused confusion, bordering on panic, which was present in the highest echelons of the army leadership.During this period, control troops was virtually reduced to zero.The rate has been unable to keep up with the front-line events and bad oriented in the situation.During this period, growing dissatisfaction with Stalin's situation.He tried to vent his anger at Member rates.Among them was and Zhukov.After another sharp conversation commander resigned.He was removed from his post.During the second half of 1941 general appointed to command several fronts.Rapid movements were related to the inability to perform their duties supreme commanders of the Red Army.In this regard, they often had to be changed.

Milestones War

Georgy Zhukov ... characteristic of his heroic generalship - a majesty of feats of arms and victories.The warlord was a direct participant in all activities and the most important events in the Great Patriotic War.

most significant milestones in the formation of generalship Zhukov was the defense of Moscow and Leningrad, the battle of Stalingrad and Yelnia, the Battle of Kursk, and Korsun-Shevchenko, Vistula-Oder, Kiev, Berlin and Belarusian large-scale operations.

first victory was him in the most difficult conditions.While our troops were retreating on all fronts.However, Zhukov was able to literally snatch victory at Yelnya.It was the first successful offensive operations after the Great Patriotic War.

Zhukov forcefully showed his strong character during the defense of Moscow and Leningrad.In these operations, his generalship manifested not in the form of bright operational maneuvers.These important moment for the country Georgy Zhukov - a great leader and a talented commander - was able to show his iron will.This resulted in a rigid organization entrusted to him the case, as well as the hardness of the management of their subordinates.

Western Front, largely collapsed in September 1941, again recovered by October-November, the first year of the war.And it was under the command of Zhukov.The great commander was able to conduct successful operations of a defensive nature.He not only repel the Nazis, but threw them away from Moscow.

talent showed great commander Zhukov Stalingrad and during the event.Together with Vasilevsky, he just caught the moment ought to give up counterattacks, stop wasting power and to prepare a thorough operation will not only go on the offensive, but also to surround and destroy the enemy troops.


Already January 18 Zhukov was given another title.He became the first Marshal of the Soviet Union since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

new comprehension of the essence of strategic defense was to the commander Battle of Kursk.During her of the troops went on the defensive.At the same time they did it not of necessity, but carefully prepared.This has not succeeded in the Great Patriotic War.In 1941 and 1942 defense looked just as forced and temporary residence because of military maneuvers.It was considered that such a position should reflect the enemy's advance limited forces and in short time intervals.However, the experience of military action, this theory has not been confirmed.During the fighting, it was found that the strategic scale, defense, you can not only hold their positions, but also to defeat the enemy without much offensive.At the same time for the defense to be involved a large force and conducted a fierce defensive action.The art of war was this significant discovery.

Already in April 1943, Marshal Zhukov determine the appropriate place for the battle.His plan to defeat the enemy, he reported to the Supreme Commander.Zhukov and Stalin found understanding in this matter.April Twelfth great commander received approval to conduct hostilities on the bet.

in the Central and Voronezh fronts Marshal Zhukov spent all of May and June.Commander delved into all sorts of minute details that were revealed in preparation for battle.With the precision of the watch while working and our intelligence, which managed to find out the exact time of the German offensive.According to her, she was scheduled for three o'clock in the morning of the fifth of June.In agreement with Stalin, Zhukov began conducting artillery barrage at 2:20.It is in those places where he was to attack the enemy, our artillery rumbled.The first phase of artfully prepared operation ended July 15th.And then the troops of the Central Front went on the offensive.Fifth August have been cleared of Germans Belgorod and Orel, and 23th - Kharkov.

During defensive and then offensive phase of Marshal Zhukov ably coordinated all activities of the Steppe and Voronezh Fronts.


After the Zhitomir-Berdichev formed a kind of military operation Korsun-ledge.His Vatutin and Zhukov, by submitting a report to Stalin, proposed a "cut."During this operation, there was a conflict with Konev.Last commanders accused of inactivity, they allegedly showed in relation to the German group.Stalin gave the home front command environment Konev.Relations soured last Zhukov.

In the period from March to April 1944 1st Ukrainian Front went to the Carpathian foothills.Command them carried out by Marshal Zhukov, who for special merits before jutting their homeland was awarded the highest military award - the Order № 1. Victory of thousands of his soldiers were also awarded medals and orders.

summer of 1944, Zhukov led the operation "Bagration".He coordinated the Belorussian Fronts.The operation was well prepared and provided all the necessary material and technical means.As a result of the fighting troops liberated a large number of settlements in Belarus.

In July 1944, Zhukov held the coordination of actions of the 1st Ukrainian Front.Promoting his troops carried on Rava-Russian, Stanislavsky and Lviv directions.The outcome of the two-month offensive was the defeat of two major strategic groupings of the fascist troops.This was completely cleared of the enemy, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and part of the eastern regions of Poland.
complete defeat enemy armies "North Ukraine" and the "Centre", as well as access to Warsaw and the seizure of large bridgeheads on the Vistula is much closer our troops to Berlin.

In August 1944, Zhukov was summoned to Moscow, where he was given the task by the State Defense Committee.The purpose of this commission was to prepare the troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front to the war with Bulgaria collaborated with Hitler.The outbreak of hostilities was announced 05.09.1944, however the unexpected happened.Bulgarian troops met our army under the red flags and unarmed.In addition, the population of the Russian soldiers showered flowers.

Since the end of November 1944 Marshal Zhukov has been working on a plan to capture the German capital.


Zhukov at the last stage of World War II led the First Belorussian Front.He spent the Vistula-Oder operation.Military operations were carried out in conjunction with the 1st Ukrainian Front, which was under the command of Konev.As a result of the fighting it was liberated Warsaw and defeated Army Group "A".

end the war 1st Belorussian Front in operations involving the capture of Berlin.After all the fighting Zhukov - Marshal Victory - accepted the unconditional surrender of the hands of the Nazi General Wilhelm von Keitel.After the war

days before the April 1946 Zhukov was in-Chief of the Soviet Military Administration, located in Germany.After that, he took over as Chief of the Land Forces.But in June 1946, Stalin summoned the council of war, Marshal Zhukov pushed against accusations of exaggerating their own merit for the basic operations during the Great Patriotic War.The reason for this was the testimony Novikov - arrested Marshal.As a result, Zhukov was removed from the post of commander in chief, removed from the Central Committee and sent to the secondary Odessa District.Stalin had his own account.He knew that Zhukov could be useful to him in the event of a new war.That is why the great military leader was left to serve in the army.

In early 1948, according to testimony Adjutant Semochkina, Zhukov was accused of being hostile to Stalin himself, and in the expansion of moral character.After that, the great general had a heart attack.Immediately after his illness, he was sent to the post of commander of the military Ural district, where troops almost was not.Soon, however, a completely different direction continued this story.Zhukov, in spite of persecution, already in 1950, was elected to the Supreme Council of State.In the fall of 1952, Marshal became a candidate member of the Central Committee.This contributed to Stalin's plans, which envisaged an invasion of Western Europe.That is why we are ready to return to Zhukov's army leadership ranks.
First Deputy Defense Minister and member of the Central Committee of the marshal began after the death of Stalin.He played a significant role in the arrest of Beria.

autumn of 1954, Zhukov became the leader of the exercises, during which it was first used nuclear weapons.And in February 1955, Marshal was appointed Minister of Defense.In June of the same year, he helped defeat the opposition to Khrushchev.The plenum elected him to the Presidium of the Central Committee.It was the peak of a career of Georgy.

In 1957 Khrushchev was charged against Zhukov, in which he pointed to the preparation of the coup.The occasion was the formation of the leadership of the country without the knowledge of the special parts of the special forces.Khrushchev Zhukov was no longer needed.The head of state in a possible war to rely on nuclear weapons and missiles.Marshall was dismissed from all his posts.

very popular among readers enjoyed his memoirs, wrote that Zhukov.Years of life who has dedicated great commander of the army, described in his book "Memories and Reflections".It has become the most popular edition of the Great Patriotic War.

died Marshal Victory June 18, 1974 he was buried near the Kremlin wall.The memory of this extraordinary warlord forever remain in the hearts of the Russian people.