How to Advertise

manufacturers of any goods and services tend to get the most profit from their activities.For this work sometimes whole team of marketers.And any one of them will say that without proper advertising effective promotion of goods on the market impossible.But how do publicity right?It should take a single wrong move, and instead of the expected profits will be some losses.

There is a certain technique of creating an effective advertising.It was developed based on the experience of the largest companies in the world.Well-known professionals in the field of advertising (Jack Trout, LA Rice, L. Ron Hubbard) were working on it.With this technology, one can easily understand how to advertise goods and services, and to profit from.

The first thing to remember: one advertising message, layout, etc.We should talk only about a service, product.Otherwise, the user is lost, not knowing what to look for.Very often in the newspapers you can see the ads any firm that it produces, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, e

tc.In this case, the company, of course, save money on advertising, but it will not be effective.All items can be combined into one group or another name, such as office furniture.

second - a header.His task is to attract attention.It can be organized as follows:

  • as an appeal to the target audience;
  • in the form of a question;
  • as a response to a question.

third.Must be present in the advertising layout image.Pictures always attract attention.If the product is advertised, it is possible to portray his name.Very important is the presence of the light source.In this role can be a lamp, the sun, lights, etc.Reflecting on the painted object, the light gives life and makes it even more attractive.If you are thinking how to make advertising a bright and noticeable, do not forget to take advantage of this advice.

fourth - be sure to specify the time and place.It is rare that a person seeing the ad, immediately goes to buy goods.More often than not, for whatever reasons, the purchase is delayed.How to advertise goods so that people remembered him at the right moment?You must specify the address of the company or store.It must be visible and simple to remember.If this period passes any action (sale, discounts), be sure to specify a particular time.You can also specify the amount of discounts or the price of the cheapest product.

fifth - plain and simple words.Complex terms, as a rule, no one reads, and, moreover, does not remember.So absolutely no reason to prescribe them.

Sixth, you must specify how fast and simple to buy a product or service.It is sufficient to provide a phone number.To a person made a decision as quickly as possible, usually next to the room write, call right now;call will etc.

How to make advertising interesting for a wide range of customers?To do this, conducted interviews and surveys of potential customers.The result should be formulated the main problems and issues arising in connection with the product of interest to us.Thus, a so-called button.Its aim is to attract attention.It might look something like this: "You can not clean the stains from the carpet favorite?Buy a new tool ... and these problems will not affect you anymore! ยป

After creating the advertising model, it must be tested on the target audience.After his Ask the following questions: what the advertisement, whether it is interested in, that you can change, remove, add?

If respondents answered the questions satisfactorily, then everything is done correctly, and you now know how to do advertising, gainful.