Which country are owned Canary Islands ?Canary Islands : attractions , weather, reviews

Which country belong to the Canary Islands?In ancient times, the archipelago was inhabited by tribes of the Guanches that before the arrival of Europeans to cultivate the land and engaged in cattle breeding.In 1334 the island was visited by French explorers and Aboriginal people had to make room.According to the laws of the time, all newly discovered lands fall under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church.

Vatican in the face of Pope Clement VI gave the Canary Islands Count Alfonso XI - the ruler of Castile, the largest province in the Iberian Peninsula.For a while, it became clear who owns the Canary Islands. However, Alfonso XI did not know what to do with such a gift.Aborigines no economic benefit is not brought, and even on the contrary, the governor was obliged now to improve life on the island.Graf did not directly dare to abandon the archipelago, but he tried to pass through difficult negotiations, the right of ownership in other hands.The question of who owns the Canary Islands, just h

anging in the air.

who still master?

It would seem that the answer to the question of which country owns the Canary Islands, on the surface.Owner - Spain, but it was not so easy.

Half a century later the French decided to seize the island.Along the west African coast proceeded to the military court, which then came to the two islands in the center of the archipelago - Tenerife and Gran Canaria.The local population resisted the annexation sluggish.

On Gran Canaria French troops celebrated their victory after a few days, and in Tenerife it happened a little later.This was followed by periodic landing on the Canary Islands invaders of all stripes, from the Moroccan soldiers and ending with the English Admiral Robert Blake, who had a brilliant naval battle near the island of Tenerife in 1657, to join the battle with the Spanish Armada.He emerged victorious from this confrontation, but the island, however, withdrew Spain.

After 140 years, the famous Admiral Nelson tried to capture Tenerife, but on his way stood the capital of the Canary Islands, Santa Cruz, and he was defeated.In the end the British abandoned its imperial ambitions.

The question of which country owns the Canary Islands, has long remained unanswered, until in 1821 the archipelago finally departed Spain.In 1982, the Canary Islands were declared autonomous region of the Spanish state, and in 1986 became a province of the Canary Islands, the European Union.Thus, the answer to the question of which country owns the Canary Islands now has a unique character.As a result, many of renaming and changing the status was made the right decision.Today, the Canary Islands belong to Spain.

Archipelago today

What is the Canary Islands - the country, the province, or any particular structure?The geographical position of the archipelago shows its conditional affiliation to the Spanish mainland, but the island has autonomy full and unconditional.

Canary Islands - the country, bearing in mind the social arrangement and availability of services required to comply with law and order.It's the police, the courts and legal institutions.While on the other hand, almost all of the service are inactive, as the Canaries - a zone superturizma, millions of travelers come to the blessed land relax, have fun and forget about the hardships of civilization.Laws none penalized.


Canary Islands are just a hundred kilometers from the African continent and at a distance of seven hundred nautical miles from the coast of Spain.The archipelago is adjacent to Africa from the northwest (at the junction of the Western Sahara and Morocco).

Great Canaries only seven.The closest to the African coast - Lanzarote, the next island - Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria is further for it are Tenerife, Gomera, La Palma and Hierro.It is the largest volcanic formations, but there are many more minor.

List, which includes the most popular Canary Islands, a map of their location, directions, etc. - all this information available at the tourist office in Spain or on arrival at about.Tenerife.

Islands are not similar to each other, each in its own attractive.For example, Lanzarote is ideal for lovers of quiet measured rest and Gran Canaria - a paradise for surfers and divers.Tourist arrivals to the Canary Islands, maps and guides to help navigate the selection of the best destinations.Hotels also have to suit every taste - more expensive, more comfortable, economy-class hotel with reasonable prices.

How Canary Islands archipelago just hard to say, an accurate count was not performed.But we know that not all of them inhabited.At one time, the municipal government even opened the sale of small islands.Those interested can purchase at a reasonable price a small piece of land in the ocean.Trade was brisk until the Spanish authorities did not intervene on the continent.The capital of the Canary Islands Santa Cruz de Tenerife was then forced to give up part of its powers the city Las Palmas.

Most Popular

Best island of the Canary Islands, according to the majority of tourists - Tenerife.On the second place in popularity - Gran Canaria.These islands are characterized by well-developed infrastructure, high-class hotels, superb entertainment facilities for both adults and children.

Canary Islands, which are shown in the photo paper, have long been one of the best places for recreation.Tourists are attracted by the possibility of choice and quality services.


Canary Islands, photos which capture the imagination - this volcanic formations that have appeared over the water millions of years ago.Until now, the surface can be seen bizarre landscapes with solidified lava, which adjoin the long sand dunes reminiscent of the Sahara desert.Luxury beaches washed by ocean waves, and immediately behind them start hotel complex with palm avenues.Warm sea breeze stirs the green branches of trees, tourists feel at one with nature, and it happens throughout the day.When it is a term of parting with the Canaries, no one wants to leave.The charm of paradise will remain in memory for a long time, until the next arrival.


climate of the Canary Islands is moderately tropical, dry and hot, but not scorching.The temperature range is determined by the proximity of the African coast.Hot trade winds mixed with the ocean air masses.It turns out a kind of air cocktail, cool and comfortable, which is distributed to all the Canary Islands.Air masses are continuously updated.The climate is also soothes permanent anticyclone of the Azores located to the northwest of the archipelago.

temperature in the Canary Islands is kept at a stable level throughout the year.It is the summer 20-30, in winter - 16-25 degrees Celsius.During the year, there is the relative influence of the mountains and hills on the climatic conditions, but the temperature drops at the same time insignificant, they do not exceed 2-3 degrees.Changes in temperature occur mainly at the highest Canary islands - Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma.The climate in the rest of the archipelago does not change.

water temperature in the area considered the islands - about 20 degrees Celsius.The balance is achieved by the Canary Current - cold enough, but slow.In general, the temperature regime of the islands is a very comfortable and stable.You can briefly describe the climate of the Canary Islands as follows: warm and sunny.

For tourists who arrived in the Canary Islands in the winter, the weather in December differs little from the spring - just warm.Of course, a sharp change of climatic conditions in one day is impressive.

Canary Islands (the weather in December warmer than summer in Moscow) continue to surprise visitors. popular resort of global significance has long been knows no boundaries, millions of tourists from all over the world arrive at the international airport Reina Sophia and choose the island, which will spend unforgettable days.

Canary Islands.Attractions, beaches

natural attractions considered the islands - it is the beaches, superbly equipped, covered with golden sand or black basalt pebbles.Along the perimeter are placed showers everywhere neat rows of sun loungers located immediately - wide parasols.The kiosks can buy accessories for diving, fins, masks and other attributes for diving.

City Los Vinos

This is the oldest settlement on the island of Tenerife.City's main attractions - the millennial Dragon Tree.Visitors to the old convent of San Augustine will be on the monastic kelyam, get acquainted with the life of novices, to communicate with the abbess.Then you can visit the church of San Marcos and a garden with tropical butterflies colonies fabulous.

Park "Loro"

Initially it was aviary with parrots.Currently this place is even more surprising.Now, the park contains rare breed tropical parrots, who coexist with flowering orchids all year round, rassazhennymi throughout (the most beautiful specimens can be admired in the House of orchids).Also in the park "Loro" is a huge aquarium with whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions and other inhabitants of the ocean space.A special place is pingvinary artificial Arctic climate.

Park "Teide"

This alpine entertainment complex, deployed at an altitude of two thousand meters.The temperature there is kept at forty degrees Celsius.In the center of the park is the crater of an extinct volcano with a diameter of 48 kilometers.Get on top of it can be on the lift (amateur mountaineering climb on foot).

Gorge of Hell

In the southern part of the island of Tenerife is the only natural waterfall Canary Islands, an oasis in the dry and barren plains.This cascade of silvery streams called the Gorge of Hell.Tourists can experience the full power of the unbridled elements, entered under the rock from which a waterfall rushes down.

Gimarskie pyramid

This religious buildings that mimic manmade elevation in Peru, Mexico and ancient Mesopotamia.First pyramids in Guimard mistaken for a pile of stones piled up by Spanish settlers during the clearing of land for plowing.Later, however, a group of researchers, among which was the famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl, has concluded that six of heaps of stones - not that other, as the pyramid.

In addition, the park is a museum of ethnography Guimard "House Chaconne," which exhibited architectural model of the palace of the king of RA II in full size.

Cliffs giants

Huge sections of the coast of Tenerife busy grandiose cliffs, standing close by the water, and in some places - terraces leading down to the ocean.Rocks are sacred, their constant desire to plunge into the abyss like a divine ritual.

enchanted cliffs to reach only from the sea by boat or motor boats.

Anaga Mountains

magnificent hills on the island of Tenerife are vast botanical world.Mountain plateau called Anaga are an example of environmental cleanliness.There you can meet the locals living in the caves.

Canary Islands, attractions which are on a par with the world's masterpieces of nature and ethnography, attract millions of tourists.Airlines operating at full capacity, the planes taking off and landing every minute.

Seven Islands as the seven wonders of the world

remarkable and unique archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean and its jewel - the island of Tenerife.Spain, Canary Islands - the best place to stay in the world.

Lanzarote - the island of dormant volcanoes.Entire fields of lava, unusual landscapes of the plains and mountain slopes, colorful petrified flows recreate the mural paintings of great beauty.National Park Lanzarote Timanfaya titled can be seen as a permanent opening day of natural art.A hotel infrastructure organically blends with the natural scenery.Lanzarote is a Biosphere Reserve, surrounded by pristine nature, on the background of a volcanic landscape.

Fuerteventura - the island of never-ending suite of magnificent virgin beaches, completely empty, allowing the ocean to enjoy the scenery alone.Nowhere in the world there is no such freedom as the beaches of Fuerteventura.Seawater is surprisingly clean and warm, it glows turquoise.The island is ideal for those who prefer a romantic pastime relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of civilization.For a whole day, you can feel like Robinson Crusoe on a desert island, staying in silence and solitude, and in the evening return to the comfortable hotel for dinner.

Island Gran Canaria is famous for not only the magnificent golden beaches, but also the broadest infrastructure.How to add to the overall picture of prosperity - the nature of the island, are astonishingly varied.The deep wooded ravines alternate with peaks covered with greenery and connected together in a grand panorama.The central part of Gran Canaria ostorva covered with luxuriant vegetation carpet, to the south lie the gentle shores of the beaches and in the north rising into the sky rocks bordering the small cove with turquoise waters.Any sport in honor of the island - horse riding, golf, tennis, fishing and spearfishing.


largest and landscaped island.The nature of his unique, amazing variety of terrain.In the center of the snow cap of Mount Teide, the north of the green areas, all in the southern part of the golden sand beaches lined up in a neat row.Tenerife has a unique tourist infrastructure, a restaurant with dishes of national cuisine of almost all countries of the world, health centers, sports and fitness facilities, all kinds of organized excursions by land and sea.All of this makes a holiday in Tenerife unforgettable.


Island, a famous relic vegetation.Natural exotic Homer available to tourists visiting the island of Tenerife on the ferry.

La Palma

most blooming and green of all the islands of the Canary archipelago.The infrastructure is poorly developed, but La Palma has ample opportunities for rural tourism.Lovers of rural landscape and relaxing holiday to visit the island.

Hierro The smallest of the islands of the Canary archipelago.For centuries, it was perceived as the most mysterious place on the planet.The edge of the world - so characterize Hierro.Those who wish to be away from civilization not find a better place.


Numerous travelers visiting the Canary Islands, leaving the hospitable land with such a feeling as if they are leaving their homes.Reviews are full of gratitude.Two weeks, which is usually reserved for holiday in the Canary Islands, pass unnoticed in the pleasant bustle.After all, you need time everywhere - and swim in the cleanest ocean water, and go on excursions and visit sports club, gym.Then - again on the beach, a ride on a jet ski, scuba dive, visit the Dolphinarium and manage a restaurant for a great dinner of four courses.It is not surprising that two weeks go by.However, unfortunately, always have to leave.