Vacuum cleaners garden "blower": reviews and advice on choosing

Collect all the leaves on a summer cottage by a mere rake is often a daunting task.Especially if cottager dealing with a large area and problem areas.Nevertheless leave the foliage can not lie.There will be wintering larvae of pests and bacteria, which in the spring and summer must make themselves known.But greatly facilitate the task of the vacuum cleaner is able to garden, what we actually talk.Make an overview of popular models and see what consumers are saying about them.

short of the blower

Currently, many gardeners are stored in their shops blowers.It's quite effective and a kind, even universal equipment, which is designed to reduce the complexity of harvesting.Many models can be operated year-round, removing debris from the tracks, and even snow.By the way, it should be noted that the garden blower and vacuum between them are different, so do not be confused.Thus, the vacuum cleaner has two operating modes: absorption and grinding debris to further its location in the waste bin.While the blo

wer creates a powerful, adjustable air flow, which allows to collect all the debris in the area in one place.Of course, garden vacuum (blower) Electric preferable.Its functionality is more widely and to work with such equipment - a pleasure.

Garden vacuum cleaners with their hands

Many will say that it is much easier to buy a magazine version.This is partly true, but sometimes it is advisable to make something yourself.For example, if you left the engine and a compressor from an old vacuum cleaner, it can be used as a base and build cleaner garden with his own hands.It does not require you to any investment and costs.All that remains to do is use the pipe to collect the leaves of larger diameter, to the garbage passed easily.Furthermore, in contrast to the standard dust collecting bag may be used a full container.Before it can be done from the chopper blades.But this is optional.In any case, a garden cleaner can produce their own hands without any problems.You do not need almost nothing to alter and collect.But this is only advisable if you have a normal vacuum cleaner unused.Note the operation of the motor.Domestic models equipped with engines, which should be given a rest.

Battery, gasoline or electric?

Often consumers are driving to a standstill exactly the type of garden power vacuum.Currently growing in popularity gaining rechargeable model.Their only drawback is that the battery has a significant weight.Although we should mention also that the price for such garden vacuums higher than in other species.However, the duration of typically 3-6 hours, after which the battery recharge is required.The noise level is relatively low.

As for the petrol models, this unit is suitable for a large area.This powerful, but at the same time noisy aggregates which must be constantly maintained.If you have a small plot of land, then you will approach garden vacuum (blower) electric.It's pretty convenient, but always have to wear for a wire.In general it can be said that choice depends on the area, which will have to handle.

Manual, backpack or wheeled

Another important characteristic garden vacuum cleaners are their dimensions.The smallest model, this is usually a blower, do manual.They are intended for small quantities.They have a small weight, so that the operator does not get tired during garbage collection.But treat a large area such unit is problematic.

For medium and large areas of better use of backpack model.In this case, the engine and the compressor are carried on the back, which can significantly reduce the burden on the operator.Furthermore, yard vacuum knapsack type battery has a large capacity and a number of operating modes.It's a cross between the wheel and manual models, so many prefer it to such an option.

Wheeled models are most preferred on an industrial scale.Such equipment is often equipped with a gasoline engine, which is mounted on a wheeled base.The front axle is turning, the back - no.Wheel cleaners garden vacationers are rarely used because they are expensive and difficult to maintain.

cleaner Garden Ryobi RBL30MVA

This producer is quite famous.Many consumers acquire equipment of this company, which is due to high quality and affordable price.Details should talk about the model RBL30MVA.Such a vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful garden gasoline engine, which provides good absorption of debris, and if necessary blow.The leaves are fed to a shredder and then to the 4-liter waste container.Front handle adjustable, so it can be adjusted by the operator.Weight unit - 7.5 kg.The volume of the cylinder engine - 30 cubic centimeters, which allows for air flow speed of 65.3 m / s.In principle, this is a great machine, which is suitable for the treatment of medium-sized sites.All parts are made from high quality durable material that allows operation Ryobi RBL30MVA even in bad weather under a heavy load.

Garden vacuum Worx WG501E

If you are the owner of a small garden, then you definitely will like this model.This garden vacuum "blower" type of manual weighing only 5.5 kilograms.The unit has a capacity of 3 kW and is equipped with an electric motor.As noted above, a small area most appropriate solution.Despite its compact size, the device has a wide functionality.It can grind, collect garbage and even cleaned their own.Many consumers have come to love this model because of these qualities.For cleaning hard to reach places have a special attachment.As for the disadvantages, it is one and that for female hand unit may be too heavy.As for the cost, the garden of this type of vacuum cleaner will cost about 8,000 rubles, and this sum is acceptable for such characteristics.

What do consumers?

When you purchase it is essential to take into account the opinion of experienced gardeners.This is probably the most reliable, moreover, also a free source of information.For example, many have focused on ergonomics and ease of use of the equipment.Nevertheless, consumers are advised not to buy cheap equipment from China.But as a domestic manufacturer, it has repeatedly noted that the Russian-made garden vacuum cleaners rather quality and significantly cheaper than European counterparts.Because the market a huge number of the most diverse techniques, it is difficult to talk about what it is - the best garden vacuum cleaner.These are can be any product that is convenient to use, and its performance and ergonomics meet all requirements.Actually, everyone has their own ideal blower.

important whether the power?

Many of us are used to choose the technique for its power.But in this case it is not quite true.The fact that commercially available high-power units, but their performance is not sufficient in practice.The reason is that the wind speed is too low.From which it follows that the selection should be done according to other criteria.The fundamental parameter in this case is the speed and volume of air flow.Most of the attention paid to better units with a volume of air flow 600-1000 cubic meters per hour.If the vacuum cleaner will be productive, then, consequently, more powerful, and it will affect its weight.Electric blowers are more preferred compared to gasoline.They operate quietly and are environmentally friendly.But the presence of wires and lack of power often contribute to the fact that they buy petrol garden vacuum cleaners.


Here we are with you and sort out what is a vacuum cleaner, a garden shredder.The electric version of the most preferred for many reasons.Of course, such a purchase a bit more expensive, because the device gasoline engine easier.But when dealing with such an engine, get ready for regular maintenance.Periodically, you need to fill up gasoline and oil as well as clean the unit from contamination.If the vacuum cleaner garden will be used very rarely, it is necessary to give due consideration to its storage.The room must be dry, preferably heated.So you will greatly simplify the next launch equipment.When buying, pay attention to what consumers are saying about a particular model.Always check the build quality and reliability.Basically, that's all you can talk about how to choose a vacuum cleaner garden.As you can see, there is nothing complicated, the main thing - be careful and be guided by their own needs.