Henna hair Chandi

My positive experience of the use of natural Indian hair dyes based on henna began when I'm tired Streaked (over 5 years).On the Internet, forums, read about long bezammiachnoy paint and accidentally ran into an Indian henna Chandi.Long thought it worth trying, but curiosity won)))
I bought myself this paint, color brown (like in the store told me it will be as good as my natural - brown).I wanted it to align the color and leave in their natural color and do not change the hair color.And of course I wanted to strengthen the hair, which is already very fell after years of highlighting.

What we promised manufacturer on the package: the paint on the basis of natural henna and purified medicinal Indian herbs thoroughly saturated colors the hair in natural color and prevents dandruff.A great option for people with allergies, pregnant and breastfeeding women.When using paint Chandi significantly reduced hair loss, accelerated growth, hair get healthy and well-groomed appearance.
Ingredients: Indian henna p

remium, Indigofera, Amla, eklipta Alba, Neem

And so, a way to use!The range has two types of color: a series of 100% Natural and Organic Series.Well, with a natural, everything is clear, there is only henna and herbs, but with a series of Organic increasingly confused))) As I explained, there is the same composition as in-kind only added fixer colors as natural can not paint the gray hair and give saturateddarker shade.Based on this information, I chose a brown color in a series of all-natural.

Since I took completely natural series, had to tinker a bit with the use and application.To do everything according to instructions, spread warm water, leave for 2 hours, then add a little more water (as the paint has dried) and applied to a clean, freshly washed, damp hair a little.And so I left for 2 hours.Krasa I'm home, so 2:00 gone unnoticed, the smell of paint did not prevent me to do household chores.By the way, about the smell, I liked it because I love the smell of grass, but if someone does not like, it is necessary to take into account when buying.Then you need to wash the paint from the hair in the shower it was doing quite difficult (just read in a review that the girls had problems with leaching paint and they further applied the balm to the hair), I walked even without shampoo and balsam (by the way, according to instructionsshampoo just can not wash your hair, such as paint must within two days to gain a foothold).
And the result!I will say honestly
wash was scary))) But nothing, as a result I was very pleased, hair gained rich natural brown color, be painted with almost melirovka (Only the sun can be seen that some strands of lighter).Many friends do not even believe that I was painted as a natural color.But it all depends on the basics.I was lucky with that))) also improved condition of hair, the hair acquired luster and become more dense.So what about the therapeutic effect of henna - it's true.