gray beard

Dedicated to my beloved, adult husband

hundred years did not survive ...

Let us remember the words of the heroine Irina Muravyova from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" - "a hundred years did not survive.Here you are all the time a good life led, remained something? ยป

On the one hand, we can not say that we are not ready for this, because each of us really understand what each lived our day, month and last year addedwe not only experience (or, as many say "mind"), but also all sorts of age-specific features associated with the natural biological processes.First (yet small) lines, the lack of "former" blush, "do not have the" complexion, lack turgor (or simply, tone) muscles ...

Over the past 20-30 years have changed dramatically attitude to old age,or saying the US (very tolerant) the language - maturity.Due to the crazy advances in cosmetology, plastic surgery, nutrition and fitness, the world is literally still obsessed with youth and beauty.Few of us are now happy and convinces t

he dogma that "all ages are beautiful" or "that the years have to carry with dignity."All this meets us at best a philosophical and, at worst, fear and decadent mood.However, elegant depression - exercise-only sooooo wealthy ladies and gentlemen, we are with you resort to using beauticians and hairdressers.

For me, as a modern woman and as a professional beauty industry is very pleased to observe that the rejuvenation procedures are no longer exclusively a ladies' exercise.More and more of my clients and friends males resort to chemical peels, mesotherapy and even Botox.And on increased sales of men's anti-aging cosmetics for face and body, I will not even talk, because any cosmetologist and director of the salon know more about it than me.I'm just a hairdresser and I have every day to face the worst enemy of youth - gray.

gray hair, in our consciousness, most clearly associated with the approach of old age, and this is almost always equated with tragedy.I, dare to assert that silver threads in your head of hair is not always a harbinger of the sunset of life.

What did cause of graying hair and whether it is possible to make this cup we passed?

shag responsible for the color of the pigment melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes located in the hair follicles.Adjacent to the melanocytes located keratinocytes cells that synthesize protein from which to "build" your hair.At a certain stage, under the action of the enzyme tyrosinase, a pigment coupled to the protein and it appears colored hair that is colored."Connection" in two ways: part of the pigment "injected" into the cell protein as part of a "fused" in the cell wall.Melanin is of three kinds: eomelanin (some sources eumelanin) and pheomelanin trihosiderin.Trihosiderin, is precisely the "soldered" to the walls of melanin.Most hair contained in a very small amount (1 to 0.5%), but because of his white (blond) hair always have a golden hue.Eomelanin determines the depth of the tone (darkness) and the main color of the hair, phaeomelanin is responsible for the brightness of the color and nuance.The final color of hair depends on what kind of melanin dominates.Dark-haired people it is the dominance of eomelanina, blond and red - pheomelanin.The intensity of the color depends on the amount of pigment in the hair shaft.

graying of hair is directly related with the reduction or complete cessation of production of tyrosinase.Time of natural beginning of the process laid down genetically, and, in the biological sense, of course, is considered a sign and a direct consequence of aging.

Statistics confirm that in Caucasians (that is, we with you) silver hair first appeared at age 34 (10 years +), Asians in 30-34 years, and most of all in this respect fortunate Negroid race, in which the averagegraying age is 43 years (5 years +).And although the dark-haired people visually graying more obvious at blondes it usually starts earlier.It was also revealed that the beard and mustache turning gray earlier than the hair on his head and body.In women, the white strands generally appear on the temples and bang, and then on the crown and nape.

24 or 44?

If you think about it, it turns out pretty plus!Turn gray in 24 or 44 years?Is there any difference ?!In most cases, the age and the pattern of occurrence of gray hair (unlike alopecia) is passed through the male line.So run for questions to the grandfathers and fathers.But the tendency to form gray hair is not only the hereditary (genetically determined) a sign, but a sign of any change in the life of the organism, and may even be the result of autoimmune diseases.Especially strong this question bothers those with hair starts serebritsya clearly premature.To my great regret, to give a unanimous answer to this question, scientists, seemingly had studied the human body can not.

So, we try to draw some conclusions, and list the possible causes of premature graying:

1. Hereditary - genetically determined;

2. Acquired - not fully identified;

If the "inheritance" is more or less clear, then blame someone blame in other cases - is not clear.

version first - neuropeptides and cataclysms.

History of known cases where people keeper turned gray for only a short time.Most often this occurs because of the strong emotional experiences.There has historically proven fact that Marie Antoinette (Queen of France, wife of Louis 17th) turned gray in the night before (it was executed revolutionaries led by Robespierre in 1789).But what's there, how many similar stories, almost legends, keep our pets orally stories - about the graying temples at night after reports of the death of loved ones.As a child I was scared pioneer stories of gray children, grown gray after a meeting with otherworldly phenomena ...

So it's true or fiction?Both at the same time.

will give a scientific explanation of such stories.Inside the hair is medullary layer (core).It is the thinnest duct through which fluid can circulate.It is believed that neuropeptides produced by the body under the effect of adrenaline (whose presence in the blood increases sharply during a stressful situation) fit through the blood vessels to the hair follicle.Then, through a channel in medullary layer they penetrate the hair shaft and break chemical bonds connecting the protein and melanin.And the "tails" of the potential of the chemical bond of melanin almost "melted" and it is absolutely not able to "catch" in the hair. The pigment quickly falls out or washed out of the hair. Speaking pseudoscientific language, it can be neutralized by any's Skin means (balm or shampoo): alone in the unbound form he had long hair does not hold.

So, of course, turn gray "overnight" - it certainly is unlikely, but in 30-40 hours very real. If a little abstract from instantaneous process,set out above version is the most reasonable version of the appearance of gray hair in principle.

Version Two - cavities and rays of Venus.

There is another, though less scientific and therefore somewhat surprising to me, Version appearance of gray hair. According to it, inthe structure of the hair under the influence of some (apparently astral) factors appear air voids. In this case, the beam reflected from the sun (or Venus) falling into the void, refracted distorted, and as a result, we see the color of the hair as gray ...

Or so!

third version - diet and immune system.

As I said above, it also happens that the sudden appearance of early gray hair or may be a signal of a specific autoimmune disease (eg, anemia, thyroid disease or cancer).Also it can talk about lowering the enzymatic activity of the organism, that is, the lack of certain trace elements that make up the pigment.Then the pigment is just longer retained in the hair or is not formed.In such cases, if the disease is detected and is not running, it is possible to return its natural color, although cases of "recovery" of this kind are extremely rare.I believe that in this case it is necessary to talk about the need for specific prevention of early gray hair.I understand that predict it almost impossible, but something still in our hands.It is necessary to make some effort.First of all, the prevention of early graying as it does not sound trite, must become a complete protein diet and a sufficient amount of iron and zinc in the body.

Sedin and cellulite - nothing?

British Medical Journal published a list of 174 far-fetched (fashion) diseases.These came and gray, took his 56th place, next to the cellulite, freckles and hair loss.You funny?I do not, because my business professionals to earn a nice fight with these "terrible disease."

Today the market of male cosmetics, for a strong half of mankind has developed special dyes, talc powder, ointments and God knows what means to help hide the appearance of gray hair.But this is not enough, there are special dyes for beard, mustache and sideburns.All of this is incredibly popular, as they are presented, first of all, peace of mind.I, personally, an opponent of such procedures, as there is nothing more absurd than the regrown roots of graying men are in good (even the sports) suit.The rest of the funds cease "to work" as soon as you finish using them.And in other ...

In my practice, and professional and everyday, I have often encountered the young and not-so men, whiskey which priporoshit gray.In my view, in conjunction with the young person, this story looks like a story of an experienced "Samurai", whose life is imbued with meaning and mystery feat.Often such men is a woman is credited with all sorts of virtues (always only the positive sense), and sometimes even enveloped him in a halo of romantic hero - a martyr who survived great emotional turmoil.I will say more, I have two clients who, despite his youth, took some serious posts.So they ask me to imitate yourself gray hair on wyssachen - to give solidity and weight ... Perhaps the time has come to us with you to get rid of the stereotypes that the gray-haired man is always old, neenergichen, and hence less promising?Maybe we should think about and admit that with age comes not only gastritis, arthritis, prostatitis, and the wisdom, tolerance, contemplation?This means that wakes philosophical beginning, sensuality, built on experience, poise and nobility of mind ... No wonder that in the east it is considered the second half of the life of "the beautiful times of life."

Well, if all the years of the same colored ash your head, face toward the east: may be in fact, silver hair is not the punishment of the Lord, and the trace of life wisdom.and in general - "gray beard" is not necessarily "lusty" ...