Porcelain wedding

Porcelain wedding - it follows the glass wedding anniversary date from the date of the wedding.Glass - a fragile thing, and porcelain, although it is also quite fragile, but more durable, because it tempered in the furnace at a higher temperature than the glass.

porcelain is elegant and beautiful.No wonder many centuries the Chinese people, will reveal the secret of manufacturing porcelain, preserved forest eye secrets of porcelain craftsmen.

Things porcelain affect its elegance and splendor.So the anniversary date from the date of connection of two loving hearts - porcelain wedding - amazing, because not everyone can carry through the years of love, loyalty, respect, and purity of relationships.

Go two decades next to each other and not to squander the charge of the feelings associated once together two destinies - this requires not only patience, but also courage.Yes, the courage to give up just in time to keep silent, timely support.

Therefore, if the spouses jubilee - 20 years from the date

of the wedding, so they were able to endure with dignity all the tests and disappointment that fell to their lot, have kept the love and the happiness of being together.

If you treat porcelain gently, gently, it will last a very long time man.If you treat your other half carefully, respectfully and carefully, it will come back to you a hundredfold - the family fortune will last for years to come.

It so happens that over time the feelings of spouses cool, comes the habit, and it seems like it will last forever.And only sometimes surge of jealousy, emotions, feelings can bring back the freshness of feelings, shake and get a fresh look at the man who with you next twenty years, on which you can always rely on, who at any time substitute right shoulder.It is worth sometimes forget grudges and quarrels, and hastily spoken words.Porcelain wedding - is another reminder of the couple with twenty years of the need every hour, every minute to take care of what they have to resist the temptation, do not despair and fight, if necessary, for their love and family.

There are two versions of the origin of the names of the twentieth anniversary of the date of the wedding - the wedding china.First, that this porcelain has always valued very expensive, he pleased the eye with their elegance and refinement.So feelings of spouses, after twenty years of marriage attracts attention with its harmony.The second version of the origin of the name "porcelain wedding" that over the years of living together from that of porcelain tableware, which was donated to the wedding, almost nothing left."Newlyweds" with twenty years of family life need to acquire new sets of elegant fine china.

What usually presented spouses, marking the twentieth anniversary from the day of the wedding?The very name of the anniversary date suggests that the best gift is china.Porcelain wedding - an occasion to present the dishes of fine porcelain (tea, cutlery, coffee sets, coffee or tea a pair of transparent china, etc.), Statuettes, vases, jewelry, home furnishings, floor lamps and chandeliers with inserts made of porcelain.The original surprise for a couple of anniversaries is a gift with their image (porcelain plates, cups, dishes and bears the photos "Honeymoon").In addition to the photos they can cause and wishes the couple.This unique gift will be in a family, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the wedding, a talisman, a family heirloom.

celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary is usually within the family, among dear and cherished anniversaries of people.As the next will be only the relatives and friends of the person, the 20th anniversary of the marriage can be transformed into a kind of gatherings with tea, a variety of pastries and cakes.Table served necessarily new crockery.For the tea perfectly suitable new tea porcelain set, presented in honor of the anniversary of the wedding.

Adult children heroes of the occasion can prepare the original script porcelain wedding.They can also become a major family celebration.

Post porcelain wedding can be congratulated children, relatives and giving presents.Feast and grace-speech in honor of the heroes of the day interspersed with tender and game programs.

Dance competition for the most charming and delicate dance for sure will bring a lot of participants from among those present.

next holiday in a script can be a quiz on the best memory of guests.Who among them will remember what were the orders for newlyweds 20 years ago, what gifts they were then presented, among them whether the dishes and how.Guest with the strong memory of the happy couple receives a souvenir from porcelain.

The program of celebrations it would be good to include a contest for the best knowledge of family history and the colorful story of family traditions.

participate in the quiz "Who is in the photo?" I would be happy all the guests to see the photographs of couples in different years of the families of all who have passed away from the happy hero of the day for twenty years.

contest to draw attention to the eloquence, because you need to call the quality of each of the spouses in alphabetical order.The one who knows more and better than a pair.

fit perfectly into the scenario of the holiday and the traditional wedding with a blindfold game and getting to know their pairs, and competition for the sharing of family responsibilities for the next 20 years of marriage and division, many years ago, a wedding cake with a toast to the "young".

Porcelain wedding guests is perceived as a symbol of purity and beauty of human relationships couples.The main thing in this festival is not his swing and many guests, and the atmosphere of cordiality, love, joy, joy.