How dangerous jellyfish Black Sea?

integral part of almost any large body of water with salt water are jellyfish, which are considered some of the oldest living organisms on the planet.How did the researchers found, there are more than 650 million. Years, and the process of evolution did not affect nor their lifestyle, nor the appearance.Body jellyfish, 98% water, by its form like an umbrella (or bell).Because of this structure is capable of jellyfish due to contraction of the muscles, which are watered connective tissue, it is easy to move in the water.

Medusa (medusoid generation) is the phase of the life cycle with stinging cells of multicellular animals, known as the goad (cnidarians), which in its structure divided into three classes: hydromedusae, stsifomeduz and jellyfish.Total in nature, there are several thousand species and sub-species of marine organisms, but the Black Sea jellyfish represented only three kinds of creatures.

dangerous to Black Sea jellyfish?

So what can meet the jellyfish in the Black Sea, with which p

hotos on the background of the sea are so fond of doing a rest in memory of the wonderful days spent at one time under the warm southern sun?

  • Rhizostoma (lat. Rhizostoma pulmo).This predator feeds on worms, small fish and crustaceans, which paralyzes its poison, and then successfully eats.Rhizostoma has a fairly large cap, which can reach half a meter in diameter, and large fleshy growths that are the blades of the oral cavity.As a rule, the largest number of jellyfish off the coast appears in the second half of summer.It is very sensitive to weather changes Rhizostoma before the storm moving away from the shore and go to the bottom.Of all the representatives of Cnidaria is the most poisonous jellyfish Black Sea, which can sting - is not fatal, but very noticeable.The meeting with the marine life can result in the appearance of the skin blisters, as in thermal burns.
  • Aurelia (lat. Aurelia aurita), also known as the Aurelia aurita.It has a translucent pinkish-purple body.Dome Aurelia can reach 40 cm in diameter located in the center of his organs producing germ cells (gonads), in the form of four purple rings.The basis of their diet consists of small zooplankton.For a man of the Black Sea, these jellyfish are completely safe, because their stinging cells can not penetrate the skin.The maximum that they can cause - is redness of the eyes or mouth.
  • Mnemiopsis (lat. Mnemiopsis leidyi).Representatives of this kind have no tentacles or stings.Although they feed on small fish caviar, for a man of the Black Sea, these jellyfish are absolutely harmless.

In conclusion

Unlike some species goad, such as hairy Cyanogen, which shoots at his victim a strong poison that can kill small animals and cause considerable damage to the larger (including man), jellyfish Black Seaare absolutely peaceful, harmless creatures.Nevertheless, during the holidays should be careful not to spoil the mood.This is especially true families with children who are so attracted to the unusual water animals.