Krasnoglazka - a fish with a very tasty and tender meat

Fish krasnoglazka (photo it is represented in the article) is a member of the family Krasnoglazkovye (Etmelichthyidae) and detachment Perciformes.This rather small family owned, only 5 genera with few species.Depending on the habitat and age of these fish have a more or less high, laterally compressed or spindly body.The edge of the abdomen between their anus and pelvic fins rounded.The dorsal fin is located at the beginning of abdominal or a little further.Roth has a narrow, almost horizontal section.Krasnoglazka - fish, which is a hallmark of the red color of eyes, what, in fact, says her name.Scales her fine, and the mouth is provided with a single row rather weak teeth.

Painting, too, depends on the species and habitats.Krasnoglazka - fish, which can vary the color back from dark green to blue-green.Boca her silvery with a slightly yellowish tinge.During the spawning season the belly becomes a reddish glow.The dorsal fin blackish at the base, and at the end of the red.Infants also have reddish end

s and at the bottom they are gray.

Krasnoglazka - fish attributable to coastal marine life, it is found in all the oceans.For example, southern species (Emmelichthys nitidus) lives off the coast of Australia, Chile, Africa and New Zealand, and his youth comes in the open ocean.Basically, the whole family is common in tropical and subtropical areas.In the waters of the Philippine Islands, Ceylon, India and Indonesia, home to the Indian krasnoglazka.This medium-sized fish, no longer than 10 cm, lives at depths of 10-15 meters in the sandy soil.This kind can come in and freshened areas.

Unlike most other Indian krasnoglazok species prefer a lot more depth.For example, representatives of the South are usually about 50-100 meters, but similar to spread pink krasnoglazki preferred from 200 to 500 meters.Both species can reach a length of 60 cm and in South Africa and Australia make up a decent catch in trawl fisheries.Southern species differs reddish tinge.When its representatives gather in a large school, it becomes like a sea of ​​red.Australian fishermen that fish is also called pearl, pikarelyu or red herring.

Basically, krasnoglazki feed on plant food, but also readily eat aquatic larvae and various crustaceans.From April to June, they begin to spawn, searching for the remains of the aquatic vegetation in the coastal zone.In males, this time the color becomes thicker, and on the back of the head and there are small warts.Females lay from 50 to 100 thousand eggs that stick to rocks, plants and roots.Time of larvae from 4 to 10 days.

mainly from New Zealand gets to the Russian market krasnoglazka.Fish (reviews of its taste only positive) has a meat, rich in vitamins and micro and macro.Besides it an optimal combination of proteins and fats.On the palate, it is a bit like herring, but with a dense texture.Boiled meat krasnoglazki become bright, tasty and juicy.The broth is clear, bold with a very pleasant smell and taste.However, experts still advise her to cook as the second hot dishes.The fried krasnoglazka will give you a tender, juicy and dense flesh.