Munchkin: cat-cab or cat Kangaroo

Munchkin - cat bred by not breeding, and "found" through random mutation.The gene responsible for the most important feature of this breed, korotkolapost, manifested itself before.Even in the interwar period in Europe and even in Russia were described meowing are too short.In Germany, these funny animals cat called kangaroo, because the animals tend to sit on their hind legs and stand for so long, "column", relying on massive tail.In this comical short front legs dangle along the body and complete the resemblance to the Australian marsupial.The similarity with a taxi munchkins surface as dogs, except for short legs, also disproportionately elongated body, while the cat's body is no different from other breeds.

During World War II it was not until all the cats, Munchkin and disappeared.Again korotkolapov discovered in the US state of Louisiana in 1983.Sandra picked up a stray Hokenedel Shorty and called her Blackberry (Blackberry).Sandra believed that feature BlackBerry related to illness or injury, an

d was surprised when the cat brought kittens with exactly the same short legs.One of the kittens, Toulouse, Sandra brought to the Blackberry, and this pair became the progenitors of the entire breed.In 1991, these animals presented to the International Cat Association (TICA), and in 1995 felinologists recognized their independent breed, called munchkin cat, in honor of the dwarf narodtse from "Oz."At the same time it has been developed and published standards of the breed.

in Europe, namely France, the first korotkolapy hit in 1993, but there is not much furore made.But in Japan, where the munchkin cat got a little bit later, I started a real boom, which does not subside for several years.The CIS cat and fees were brought only in 2001.The first recorded special steel Mimi Mi Pocket Hercules brought from South Africa.At present, Russia and Ukraine are only three nursery munchkins.In order to improve the gene pool of many animals were imported from the United States a variety of nurseries and rare colors - ticked tabby, cinnamon, sepia, mink and others.

But munchkin cat rastoplyaet hearts of not only touching appearance.These creatures are very gentle, sociable and intelligent.They are absolutely not complex because of his small stature, give a decisive rebuff yard bullies, like to walk on a leash like a dog.Do not feel the discomfort of moving to a new location, easy to make new acquaintances with people.Excellent get along with other pets.With children, they are full of patience, stoically tolerate "swaddling" Instill in the sandbox and sitting in toy cars.These cats are wonderful companions for people who love to travel.

Munchkin-Cat can be very different colors, short, medium or long-haired.The defining characteristic of the breed are shortened limbs, which, however, is not associated with a defect or deformity.The legs have to be strong, straight.The pads should be directed strictly upright, outward or inward.The spine is the same as the majority of cats.Tail - strong, gently tapering, when walking upward.The head of medium size, with a flat forehead with wide-set triangular ears, mobile and alert.The eyes are large, far removed from each other.The standard requires that the elbows close to the body, but did not act to the side.

munchkin cat breed does not require special care.They need to be combed out on the basis of the length of the hair.Cats are prone to overweight, so you need to watch their diet.Of course, you should make all the necessary vaccinations and vet regularly show animals.Litter box should have high bumpers.Cats of this breed there is some kleptomania: they like to take their favorite things and play them in my house.