Bombay - home Panther

Bombay - a completely new breed.Despite the name, the birthplace of the kitty is not India, and the United States, more precisely, Kentucky.Its resident, Nicky Horner, under the impression the book Kipling "Mowgli" a childhood dream to have in his house a small panther.She was the first and crossed the US domestic cat black color with the Burmese breed.To eliminate the appearance of any stains and shades were other colors other than black, it crosses appeared kittens with other Burma, and has reached the desired result.Regardless of Horner, the British Isles were working on crossing shorthair British beauty black suit with Burma, which gave similar results.In 1976 the breed was recognized CFA.

Bombay - the cat inherited from their ancestors as the best quality and the birth of the disease.It is somewhat similar to burmanskuyu, but stop on the face is not so clearly defined.In addition, the American ancestor she inherited a well-developed chest, strong, muscular legs and balanced character.Asian cousin

also gave Bombay graceful gait and hypnotic eyes of copper or bronze.The main feature of the breed is inky black color and texture as if lacquered hair.And Black should be the whole body up to the nose and paws and coat in any case should not be fluffy - fur have to be shiny and tight to the body, creating the effect of lacquered rubber.

Bombay is much smaller than males.Macho weigh 4-5 kilograms, while the ladies more elegant, 3-4 kilograms.Another feature of the breed is early sexual maturation: 6-9 months in the animals of this breed is eager to come together with a partner.These small animals combine grace and power.From Asian ancestor of the breed have inherited "Burmese craniofacial defect" that occurs in the kitten still in the womb.Among their "pedigree" diseases also include gum disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, problems with the eyes, ears, and breathing (because of the structure of the nose).

gene black suit - the dominant, why Bombay is easily recognizable by their black and shiny like anthracite coat.However, the manifestation of a recessive gene sometimes creates even in the offspring of two absolutely beautiful black kittens Bombay "sable" suit.Most associations do not recognize the sable color, considering it as a defect and a deviation from the standard, but allows TICA put sable Bombay, calling them the same sign.2-3 days prior to the exhibition it is recommended to bathe a cat using a special oil to give shine lacquer fur, but directly in front of it also "polished" with a chamois or silk cloth.

Bombay does not require special care.Short hair does not require daily combing, except in moulting comb the animal should be a special rubber brush.Animals of this breed is very heat-loving and like to sleep under the covers.They are susceptible to colds, so you need to make sure that the cat's house was insulated and not standing in a draft.Another feature of the breed is the insatiable gluttony.Sometimes, snacks, late dinners and endless snack between meals does not affect the shape pet, but sometimes it leads to obesity.To feed this cat should be balanced feed.

temper these kitty-natured and sociable.Bombay easy to get along with dogs and other animals, but likes to dominate.It is very affectionate to people, and in a large family chooses a favorite host, which strongly demonstrates loyalty to.Children are afraid of, but the claws in the course does not start - just runs away and hides from them.He likes to play or sit on your lap.This breed is suitable for both active people and pensioners calm as a miniature home Panther can, if they wish, to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house.