The population of Brazil

Brazil, with a population of numbers ranked fifth and second only to India, China, Indonesia and America - a very diverse country.For several hundred years, the nation has become a major ethno-cultural education.The population of Brazil is more than a hundred nationalities and peoples.

in this country are actively conducted statistical analyzes not only the local population but also foreign organizations.For example, numerous agencies in the United States regularly interest statistics.

If distribute Brazilian population by age, the median age of the average Brazilian - about twenty-eight years.This figure represents the number of years a resident of the state, which is obtained by adding the total number of years within specific age categories, divided into the number of inhabitants of the country as a whole.According to the testimony of a single statistical service, in the country there are about fourteen percent of the population, age of fourteen years.The working population of Brazil (between fi

fteen and sixty-four) of sixty-eight per cent.The rest of the - the people over the age of sixty-five years.

for this Latin American state is characterized by natural increase.For example, in 2010 it was 1.17%.It should be noted that some of the few predictions ahead of the tide.For example, in 2005, experts who study demographic situation, predicted that by 2010, the population of Brazil will be more than two hundred million people.But this did not happen.

Brazil is home to almost all well-known race in the world.Today, Brazilians identify themselves to some ethno-cultural groups are distributed in a certain percentage.Thus, the Indians (who are the continent's original inhabitants) in the order of 0.45%, Asians (Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese) - 0.5%, the share of Brazilian blacks account for about 6.2%.By mulattoes is 38.5%, the white of the order of 54% of all residents.For white Brazilians include ethnic Portuguese (20%), Italians (14%), Spanish (about 8%), Germans (6.6%), Arabs (5.3%).It should meanwhile be noted that, for example, in Sao Paulo there are even Arab neighborhoods.It is compact enough to live come from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen and other North African countries and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

Population density Brazil - about twenty people per square meter.It should be noted that the inhabitants are distributed very unevenly in the territory.Thus, almost half of the population is settled in the 7% of the entire area, a narrow strip along the Atlantic coast.Thus, in the southeast per square meter have to seventy persons, and in the north - two.

For Brazil, characterized by rapid urbanization.For example, in 1960 accounted for 46% of the citizens, and by 2007 their share had increased to 85%.

Women in Brazil live on average nearly eight and a half years longer than men.The average life expectancy in the country - about 71.7 years.The men in the country by 1% (two million people) than women.At the same time the boys born more on statistics.But it is their higher mortality at an early age.

Despite the fact that the country belongs to one of the fastest growing in South America, the level of education in Brazil is not very high.For example, women constituted 88.8%, and men - 88.4%.

In terms of per capita income of Brazil on one data is the fifty-fifth and other sources at the seventy first place.In addition, it significantly inferior to Chile, Argentina and Venezuela.