Rare girls names, or how to call the daughter

When your family have a child, you always want to give him a very beautiful and unusual name, especially if it's a girl.Since too many Cach, Natasha and Len walk the streets of our country.And every mother wants her child to be special and individual.I propose to find out the names of the rare girls who are used in our country:

- Albina.The name comes from the Latin word alba means "white."The girls with the same name are considered to be my father's daughter.Best of all so called Libra and Aquarius.Name day you can celebrate three times a year, 15.09, 02.01, 16.01.

- Angelina.It is the ancient Greek name, which means "angel".It is ideal for Libra and Aquarius.Talisman for this name is the lily.Name day you can celebrate 4 times per year: 14.07, 12.09, 23.01, 12.08.

- Vasilina.The name comes from the Greek language and means "royal".The girl with the same name will be the perfect hostess with a creative kind.Name day Vasilina able to celebrate once a year 5: 21.01, 23.03, 28.04, 29.04, 16.10.

- Gloria.The roots of the name derived from ancient Greece.The name means "happiness."Talisman of the name - rose flower.The color that will bring happiness - blue.Unfortunately, people with the same name do not celebrate name days.

- Darin.This is the Bulgarian name, which means "bestowed by God."The girls with the same name have the ability to sport, responsibility, sociability.Name Day should be marked 01.04.

- Zlata.It is a Slavic name, which means "golden."These girls are always very nice hostess who successfully marry.Name day you will be able to celebrate in the year 2 times: 26.10, 31.10.

We continue our list, which is called "The rarest names for girls."

- Liliana.The Latin name, which means "white flower."These girls are very active and reach success in any business.They are leaders in everything, both at work and at home.

- Milena.The name of Slavic origin, which translates as "gentle."These girls are absolutely non-automatic.Talisman of the name - the bell.Suitable for the following signs: Leo, Scorpio and Pisces.Name Day can be celebrated once a year 2: 01.08, 07.08.

- Elvira.The origin of the name - Ancient Greece.Translated it means "protection of all."These girls are very hardworking, they are good housewives.Talisman of the name - Daisy.With regard to the signs of the zodiac, it is Taurus and Pisces.People with the same name do not celebrate name days.

Rare names for girls in 2013

This year, it is necessary to call the names of the girls, which would correspond to the Dragon.In 2013, the most popular will use the following names of the rare girls: Inga, Barbara, Eva, Nelly, Ida Albina and Rostislav.If you want your daughter to be filled with love and kindness, you name it Ninel, Ulyana, Vasilisa, or alpha.

And finally propose to learn not only the rarest names of the girls, but also funny.Sometimes parents are so distorted with the names of their children, it is not only a smile, but also terrifying.For example, some of them are: April, Cherry Moon, Princess Angelina, India, Oceania, and the like.I think now you will think before you call your child's unusual name, this is not a joke a minute, and the name, that is a talisman that will protect your daughter life.Therefore, the names of the rare girls are not always well affect the fate of the child.