Prayer Sinelnikov "Transfiguration" - new ways to improve the individual

In recent decades, trendy and popular are various schools of personal growth and self-development.Focusing on the recommendation of Dr. Carnegie, the work of Louise Hay and many other founders of the so-called "positive psychology", the leaders established their whole areas.In its methodology they use a variety of oriental doctrines, affirmations, meditation, self-hypnosis, visualization.Most are now known masters such as N.Pravdina, A.Sviyash, N.Norbekov, V.Sinelnikov.

few words about positive thinking

What does "positive psychology" and "positive thinking"?If Put simply, when a person ceases to "cheat" themselves, expect every minute of all the troubles and misfortunes, adjust to the fact that he "still did not work."On the other hand, it begins to repeat: "I am healthy", "I'm lucky," "I am happy", "I love people and bathing in their love, as in the warm sea."To make it clearer, think once hit Soviet films: "In love on their own" and "The most charming and attractive."Of course, the plot in them q

uite a comedy.But the basic idea captured and filed a very right: to change their quality of life as much as possible to improve it, to turn from a fatal nevezunchik (Loch - it's fate) in the spoiled child of fortune you need quite a bit: to reprogram your consciousness, learn to control your subconscious mind, control the thoughts and do not letnegative image appears on the horizon of their own ideas and fantasies.

principles of harmony

In fact, such "enlightened" begin to live in harmony with each other and with the outside world, with nature, with the cosmos.It sounds loud, right?They no longer get sick, look cheerful and young, smiling benevolently, and his whole appearance radiate positive vibes and positive.His life they create themselves, and everything that they need, from convenient parking space and ending with a device for personal happiness, as it turns by itself.It seems that the consciousness of the people has become a kind of magic wand and create for them their own reality.But it does not exist in the world of dreams and fantasies, but in our material world.How to learn it, it can tell prayer Sinelnikov "Transformation", as well as books published by them under the same name.

Himself wizard

natural granite of any science is firm.And comprehension of the techniques of spiritual development and education is not easier than, for example, the study of the strength of materials, applied physics or programming languages.The process involves, and imagination, and a lot of strong-willed efforts and rigid self-discipline, and logic."The soul must work" - that is the most precise installation, which must learn and apply consistently one who decided to start a new life, to go another way.And, ultimately, it will be more unnecessary struggle for survival.The universe itself nagnёt over his head cornucopia of love and happiness.Yes, the key word here - love.This is the same a priori, which built a prayer Sinelnikov "Transfiguration."

essence of prayer

To whom we usually refer requests to heart?To God, the Universal Mind, the Higher forces.No matter how call - sincerely believe it is important.Deep divine meaning and imbued with prayer Sinelnikov "Transfiguration."The first part of it is associated with the reading of Christ.That it suggests the author, speaking of comes to life with "pain and suffering", the essence of which - an allusion to the experiences that overwhelm our souls, as well as the subconscious.It is important, in the opinion of the healer, to whom is Valeriy accept with love tests that befell each person.And to realize that they - the result of the thoughts and deeds of the man himself.Prayer Sinelnikov "Transfiguration" makes it clear that after the adoption and awareness of next step should be repentance.In what?In those devastating psychological attitudes to which we ourselves set up, in which begin to believe, and who turn to our doom, doom.But repent enough - you need to give them up, with all determination, to which man is capable.

Transfiguration as the reincarnation

How has the creative spirit Prayer "Transfiguration" Sinelnikov?Text it shows those steps of spiritual development in the work on themselves, which people must pass.This debunking negative, not only in themselves but in their ancestors, throughout its kind.Forgiveness of their misconduct.Cleansing the mind of those old, based on anger and evil thoughts and ideas that previously headed personality.And forming at the site of a new model of consciousness and behavior.According to the author, Valery Sinelnikov, prayer "Transfiguration" can be pronounced by the man himself, who decided to change his fate, and in relation to his detractors.This corresponds to the Christian tradition.

Work on yourself, of your life, are being transformed, becoming a bright, harmonious, happy person!