Dual citizenship in Russia

Very often, people are asking whether to allow dual citizenship in Russia?In this article we will try to explain the concept of "dual citizenship" and what does it differ from a second citizenship, reveal its essence and the difference of the above concepts.

So, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Russian may have foreign nationality (ie dual citizenship) under the conditions prescribed by the federal law or international treaty Russia.The main law of the country also indicated that, despite the presence of a foreign nationality, citizen of the Russian Federation shall not be deprived of their rights and freedoms and is not exempt from stemming from Russian citizenship responsibilities.There are, of course, and special cases, which are also prescribed by law.

concept of "dual citizenship" in Russia - a special case of multiple nationality.The system of international law "dual citizenship" is defined as the presence of a person at the same time different nationalities.To dat

e, Russia legalized the issue with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, but with regard to the rest of the world, everything is a bit more complicated.The thing is that even though permission to have a second citizenship and passport holders of multiple citizenships are not perceived by the authorities of the Russian Federation on the territory of the country as dual citizens.To describe this situation in law introduced the concept of a "legal vacuum".

As examples again take Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.Russian dual citizenship which is going through a kind of crisis, the two countries signed a treaty, according to which each party should recognize the right of citizens to acquire citizenship of another country without losing their citizenship first.

regard to the rights, duties and social security of people with dual citizenship, as well as their military service, signed a contract determined that these issues are in the competence of the country on whose territory a "double" the citizen resides.However, people who have undergone military service in one of the countries exempted from conscription in another country."Dual" citizens are also under the patronage and protection of both countries, and the presence of two passports facilitates moving from one state to another.

dual citizenship in Russia gets very difficult, and the path to it, as a rule, there are some limitations.So, one of the conditions for the acquisition of citizenship in countries such as, for example, Germany, Denmark and Slovakia, is the abandonment of the former citizenship.Other restrictions - termination of citizenship as a result of obtaining or failure of another citizenship by birth in cases where the child acquires at birth the citizenship of any other country.

Why is a "legal vacuum" with regard to such an important issue as dual citizenship in Russia?The answer is very simple.

Each country is interested in tax payers, as well as citizens who serve in the army.That is why many countries of dual nationality is not encouraged.However, to ban it completely as it is impossible, because in some cases will occur objective circumstances conducive to the emergence of such "dual" citizens.Such circumstances include the migration.You can not argue with the fact that people are going to live there, where it is easier and more profitable, and many countries have set up special programs to attract highly skilled workforce from abroad.

can be concluded that the source of dual citizenship lies in the domestic laws of each country.Dual citizenship in Russia arises only in cases where the law has no points, which prevent occurrence.Whatever it was, and wealthy citizens can not afford a second passport registration on legal grounds and live peacefully with the two nationalities.