Units of time: how to translate in a second clock quickly and correctly?

so happens that in everyday life people use different units of the same values, so that they constantly have to translate one into the other to solve everyday problems.In most cases, these tasks are solved simply because reduced to multiplying or dividing by 10, 100, 1000 and so on. D. For example, consider how many centimeters in meters or kilometers, how many grams in a kilogram.This principle is subject to many parameters.

time, however, things are much more complicated.It is well known that the value of the units have a complex relationship.For example, 24 hours in a day, and in one hour 60 minutes.So, to calculate an item will not be enough to add / remove a few zeros to / from existing / desired value.

Tom, how to translate seconds to hours, taught in school.The subject devote time to mathematics lessons, then - physics, when the kilometers per hour must be translated into meters per second.But this knowledge, like most others, with time lost.And the case of certain embarrassment when an adul

t, for example, faced with the need to travel at a speed of 20 meters per second, does not understand what to do.For car speedometer shows speed in other units.And then, as translated in the second watch, he had long ago forgotten.

Of course, in times of easy access to any information over the Internet to translate in a second clock can be an elementary query into a search engine.But can it so happened that the calculations will need to spend in the absence of access to the Internet, and the computer in general.

in the international system is the basic measure of time second.Watch (and similar devices that people use in everyday life) shows another minute, sometimes dates.But even with the help of such devices is not always possible to sort out how much time has passed since the start of an event, counting it in the required quantities.

Knowing the formula of how to translate seconds into hours, or vice versa, the calculations can be done on a regular calculator (and even just in the mind) - is nothing complicated about it.A formula is very simple: you just need the initial value divided by 3600 (first at 60, putting them in a minute, and then another 60 - in hours).

If you have to carry out such operations often enough (for example, due to professional activity), you can create a special computer program, which will implement these actions automatically.This can be done on the basis of table editor (such as "Excel" or the like) by writing the appropriate formula.Another option - to create a separate program, using one of the programming languages.For those who find it difficult, and the first and second, there is generally a great way - download a ready option.

So the ways of how to translate seconds into hours or days to minutes, there are a lot.And it's not as hard as it may seem initially - not harder standard school curriculum.It will take a little time and perseverance, but the result will not take long - all sure to succeed.