Creative design technology in the classroom

Under a creative project in the school refers to an independent student activity, completing a certain stage in training.This work shows how strong skills was a student in the classroom technology.In addition, this activity can reveal the individuality of the child and his abilities.Creative project contributes to the manifestation of the initiative, the development of logical thinking in a certain area.

This work can be performed as a student, and a group of children.It consists of several stages: preparation, process and final.To begin select a topic outline the rationale for its relevance.Creative project should be aimed at creating a new, competitive product that will be in sufficient supply, and to meet the needs of man.

Among the objectives of the activity evaluation of the child recovered its capabilities in this area.After all, the student must not only make, but also to evaluate their work.Once the theme of the project is selected, you need to develop several options for its implementati

on.Next is the selection of the materials and tools you will need.It depends on the subject on which the project is a creative technology.Cooking absolutely require other means of implementation, rather than, for example, crochet or modeling.

The process step includes the process of performing operations, adjusting them.It is important at this stage to observe safety precautions, working culture.This minimizes possible injury, and will contribute to the optimization process.

The final stage involves testing of the product (if applicable), documentation and defense of the project.You can also do a little market research, and to consider the cost of production and advertising of products.For example, a creative project on technology "Crochet" may include a variety of products that will be useful in everyday life (napkins, tablecloths, and so on. D.).This important original products that provide the demand for it.

In order to perform a creative project, students are given the following recommendations.This activity is a self-development, but its execution can involve friends, parents, and so on. D. Choosing a theme is to consider how it is relevant, useful if in the future.The amount of work you need to plan in advance, determining whether the student will be able to deal with it after this period.

project promotes creative talents and abilities of individual students, so it is important to use this method in the classroom technology.This activity, like any other, must comply with environmental requirements.It should be remembered, and the health of the student.Therefore, the work that may harm students should not be performed.Assess the activities of the child should be in accordance with the degree of urgency and the complexity of the project.It is also necessary to consider this option, as the originality and the ability to present your project best.