Prayer for the execution of desire: how to ask?

Psychologists and esoteric convince us that thought is material, and eventually everything about what we think long and hard, certainly true.It is on this principle and works to fulfill the prayer of desire.Some believe that everything that happens in our lives things are natural, and if there is prayer, there is the one who should hear them.Many do not know how to read a prayer, and because of that their requests are not always heard.To begin, we note that the prayer - a conversation with the higher powers.Many texts have been drafted in view of the holy fathers of all the rules.But you yourself can create your own prayer.So it can be made and a prayer for the fulfillment of desir

e.The main thing in the preparation of the text - is that a word must come from the soul, from the subconscious.If the words you find difficult, use a ready-made prayer.If you need just the Orthodox prayer to wish fulfillment, the text can be found at its clergy.

main rule

There is not a prayer for the fulfillment of desire.Each is addressed to individual saints, and the destination must be selected depending on what the nature of your request.But all prayers there is one general rule: Do not dare ask about hurting another person, and even more so the death.Such prayer will not be heard.Any religion that adheres to the rule.

How to prepare for the prayer?

First of all, you need to fast as possible to avoid negative thoughts and try to feel the harmony of the soul.To help in this can, for example, rest on the nature.While you are free to choose the way of meditation.Prayer for the execution of the desire to reach a destination faster if it is read in the church.

If your desire is not fulfilled, it is likely that you do not need it.It may not favor its execution will bring you, but only harm?Higher forces still know best what is good for you and what is bad.

Plot on wish fulfillment

Conspiracy prayer to wish fulfillment - all this serves one purpose.Techniques conspiracy exist in large numbers.But to fulfill desires need more than just a technique.Before the plot, it is necessary, as well as before a prayer, to prepare.It is necessary to remove all the excess out of my mind, calm your mind, "empty" mind.You can do this by focusing on two or three sounds around you, at the same time.Think only about them.Close your eyes.After a while, your mind will clear, and then you can begin to implement the conspiracy.

You can use the following plot.Gather seven icons: the Savior, Our Lady of Kazan, "all the saints", the Virgin "Joy" ("Comfort"), Seraphim of Sarov, Nicholas.In addition, the required nominal icons.It can be used for ritual paper faces.

After collect all the icons, take seven leaves, equal to their size, and write on each your desire.Attach wax these leaves to the back side images.

Once all the preparations are done, place all the icons in a row on the table, which should be laid out with a white cloth, and put candles in front of them.Once all the candles are lit, start reading below the text:

"Lord, Holy Mother of God and all the holy Wonderworker, hear my prayers and help me, servant of God (name), to fulfill my desire. I, (name), I want to(desire). "

Then read the "Our Father."Thereafter, in any order, ask the saints who are depicted on the icons on the performance of your desire.Ask as much time to the candles burned down to the end.Then put all the images in the Bible in different pages and leave them there for twenty-one days.