What is demagoguery and how to recognize it in politics

Despite the prevalence of the word "demagoguery", the value of its know and understand not all.So sometimes referred to people who love to argue or just voicing some criticisms.But as the thief loudest shouts of the need to catch a rogue, and the demagoguery often accuses his opponent the main demagogue.Indeed, the desire to mislead the audience by using not very cunning psychological methods known to anyone skilled scams tend to almost any public policy that seeks to power.Voters also have to learn to distinguish between real workable promises from empty words, otherwise there is a risk that people will begin to dispose of the fate of those to whom it can not be trusted under any circumstances.Methods of cheating are not eloquent are varied, they can count on the fingers.Here they are.

What is demagoguery without violations of logic in reasoning?This ability to lie so that critical thinking audience itself came mostly to the right of the speaker terminal.All facts should be talking about the rightnes

s of the speaker.But as the general posting of knowingly false, it is to mention only those events that match instilled the idea, and ignore everything that goes with it against.Example of policy: opposition spokesman says a decline in living standards, but "forgets" to say that such a deplorable situation was the result of actions of the previous government, have done internal and external debts that the current leadership is forced to pay.

Now that such demagoguery concealed violation of logic reasoning.In order to introduce the audience into thinking enough to issue a temporary agreement between the occurred events of a causal link.Example: there was a major accident on the railroad or plane crash.While the president was N., nothing like this has not happened, and now all we can expect.Or, for example, is building staid two hundred years, but during the presidency of A. suddenly fell.To reinforce the suggestions are suitable and syllogisms.For example, Hitler (and Stalin) paid great attention to physical culture and youth policy of the population, so every president seeking to develop mass sport, - a totalitarian leader.

Now that such demagoguery without any logic.In politics, as in war or in love, all good.For example, it is possible to convince a famous film actress or a writer to speak out against the existing government, or in defense of "unfair accusations and repressed" oligarch.Make it easy, especially in our country where the opposition is traditionally a sign of intelligence.That figure of art, to put it mildly, not good in law, economics and science of political intrigue, does not matter, as long as viewers and listeners loved him, and the name and face were widely known to the public.Thus individuals are used as a false authority.

Another method - to respond in a press conference not to the question asked and the other at first glance looks like.To do this, too much intelligence do not need to be just talk for a long time, until he is in demand and the entire audience will not forget what was discussed.To create a "smoke screen" can be lightly sprinkled ashes on his head, admitting some mistakes, but in any case not the system, only small and insignificant.Another useful mixing lies with the truth, but there is already a considerable need agility, easy to get caught without it.

We can only talk about what a scandalous demagoguery-power type.It's simple, and similar to the "Chinese tie" during a game of chess, when a player crashing sweeping gesture sweeps away all the pieces off the board.Used receptions - swearing, fighting, pouring drinks on the opponent's complaints of violation of the rules, knowingly committing illegal acts, followed by the prosecution authorities to police brutality, but who knows what else.

So describes the four main criteria by which determined demagoguery.Meaning of the word from Greek translates as something like "conduct of the people."It is important that people are trying to understand where they are invited to go through.Then they will have more opportunities to avoid the fate of the herd, which lead to a haircut wool or slaughtering plant.