Princess Charlene of Monaco - the wife of the Prince Albert II

Charlene Wittstock Certainly, like all girls, as a child dreamed of a prince on a white horse.And now her dream has come true.Today she is the princess of Monaco.Charlene had the honor to be born in highborn family, but fate would have it, she became a princess of one of the richest countries in the world.


Charlene, Princess of Monaco, was born on the African continent in Zimbabwe in 1978.Her parents were immigrants from Europe and professed the Catholic religion.Father Michael K. Wittstock was the manager of a computer company, and his mother Lynette Wittstock - swimming instructor.As soon as the daughter began to walk, her mother taught her how to swim and had long worked with her.For 18 years she had been a lot of sports awards.By this time the family moved to live in South Africa, and Charlene has won the title of champion of the country in swimming.Four years later, she was in the national team of the country participated in the Sydney Olympics, but without any results (5th place)

.In 2000, during the race in Monaco, she met with the heir to the throne of Prince Albert and Charlene in 2002 became the world champion in swimming.The second meeting with Albert, who by this time had become Prince of Monaco, took place in 2006, at the opening of the Olympic Games in Italy.Four years later, they officially announced their betrothal.The subsequent year, Charlene was living in Monaco.She took up the study of the French language and even dialect Monaco.Most instructors etiquette manners honed the future princess.After all, she had become the first person in the principality, taking in his palace royals from around the world, appearing on many social events, etc.A year after the engagement the future Princess of Monaco Charlene and Prince Albert Grimaldi of sorts appeared in the wedding ceremony of the British Crown Prince William and Kate Middleton.Two months passed, and then the wedding.At this time the whole world gathered for an aristocratic wedding in Monaco.


The eleventh day of the wedding the future Princess of Monaco Charlene in his 33 years looked like a princess: elegant, consistent and charming.Many compared it to Grace Kelly, her late mother in law, mother of Albert.Nevertheless, the most observant viewers might have noticed that the beautiful Princess of Monaco Charlene (photos are presented in the article) was somewhat dismayed and did not look happy.The fact that her new husband, who is also 20 years older than her, has a very loving disposition.

During the years of bachelor life he could look after socialites such as Brooks Shield, Claudia Schiffer, and others. In addition, he is the father of two illegitimate children, which were subsequently adopted them.But that's nothing: Just before the wedding, he was born the third child, whose mother demanded that the prince putting on DNA analysis.On hearing this detail from the life of the bride, the future Princess of Monaco Charlene tried to escape from the wedding.However, for the sake of decency and not to discredit the whole world kind of name Grimaldi, she returned with a heavy heart and went down the aisle.

Just sadly, they spent their honeymoon, which was interrupted due to the delivery of Albert DNA analysis.Nevertheless, the prince and princess continuously publicly recognized one another in love, and Charlene tells the press about his dream - to have a prince heir.However, for the past two and a half years, she can not get pregnant, and it may cause a rupture of their relationship.