We select the icon for the family and home

family - unit of society, which plays a crucial role in its formation.The traditions, norms of behavior and to build a life in the most intimate circle of people defined by ethnicity, religious beliefs.Since all of us - mostly Orthodox Christians, we are under the protection of God, whose image is transmitted to us in the icons.There are many faces of the Saints, so now we will look for the icon directly to the house and family know where they should be placed on what areas of life they affect.

celebrities in the Orthodox world is an icon of Blessed Peter - it is most often treated before marry.Prayer helps you find the apostle worthy partner for life or teaches on track has already been selected to each other people.Happy marriage also contribute to the faces of the holy Princess Fevronia, as well as all of Murom miracle workers.Their images are available at any kiosk church.

of the icons for the family and home are required when there are misunderstandings between spouses.In order to stop the qua

rrel or prevent similar prospect in the future, place in her apartment face of John the Evangelist.Feel free to contact him in prayer for help in difficult times, in moments of happiness and grateful for all that you have.

Many icons for the family and the house purchased in case it is impossible to conceive a child.When no apparent reason God does not give parents of their child, the Church recommends to contact Bogoottsam - Joachim and Anna.Faces of the parents of the Messiah should be placed in the marital bedroom.You need to refer to them as often as possible.Also, in dealing with infertility are effective Zechariah and Elizabeth.Such icons for the family and home are rarely used, they are often in churches.There you can come and ask for a desired Saints.

It so happens that a family needs is the heir who could continue the path of his father.If you wish to appear in the family was a boy, made this request to the St. Alexander Svirsky.It is desirable that his face was always in your bedroom.

Some icons for the home and family are universal.Addressing them, you can solve any problem asking for help in any endeavor.These Saints and Madonnas establishing an atmosphere in the apartment, eliminate quarrels between family members, help to establish contacts with distant relatives.Among the modern family popular icon Xenia of Petersburg.You can hang it in the living room, in the lobby or in the dining room.

The important is for many people, the question of where to hang the icons in the house, their impact has been most favorable.It should immediately be noted that at the time of the acquisition of certain faces you in the Holy Church will say, where they must face.The most common icons direct face to one side of the Light.If no such instructions, put Lick where needed his help.The icon for the conception of the child should be placed in the bedroom, and one that brings harmony in the family, it is advisable to put in the living room or in the room where all the family members.