Types of furniture hinges.

the key elements necessary for the functioning of upholstered furniture, is a loop, it makes it possible to open and close the door, as well as other elements of the desired angle.And while time moves forward and new technologies fasteners, furniture hinges, varieties of which hit their numbers, still remain quite popular among furniture manufacturers.


Today there are varieties of furniture hinges:

  1. piano - one of the longest.This loop can be up to 2 meters, it creates a strong attachment.
  2. End double-wing.For making use of brass.Such attachment are narrow (small boxes) and wide (for installation in cabinets).
  3. with wings hidden.It applies the same as the previous view, but the weight of the doors must be considerably less.
  4. Split loop.Used for the manufacture of bronze.Inside is a steel axle, they can be divided into right-handed and left-handed;
  5. Concealed door.They are intended for installation in overhead leaf kitchen cabinets, they can also be adjusted.
  6. Spur.The main feature of these
    loops is considered that they can be used to open a door on 180 °.Most often mounted on folding doors, but also apply to invoices.
  7. «Invisible."Used as well as cylindrical, but the weight of the doors can withstand much greater.
  8. With curved wings.This device helps to set the invoice door to do a U-turn through 180 °.
  9. Cup-loop.Owing to their construction the cover flap is open on the same level as that of the part to which it is attached.
  10. Flat for flaps.For the manufacture of solid brass is used, and they are used to attach the wings.
  11. side.Such loops are practically invisible, as installed into the timber edge.


designs and varieties of furniture hinges are constantly being improved and are used for the manufacture of a variety of materials, which in turn, affects the strength and functionality.Therefore, you need to understand before you buy in huge quantities of such products.

Professionals distinguish these types of furniture hinges and purpose:

- hinge;
- chetyrehsharnirnye;
- hinges for furniture glasses.

hinges are considered the most modern in furniture manufacture, but is most often used chetyrehsharnirnye.These devices are among the most frequently used, very robust and can easily withstand heavy loads.They, in turn, can be divided into:

- polunakladnye;
- overheads;
- domestic;
- for installation in a door corner cabinets at 45 °.

Chetyrehsharnirnaya loop

Most often acquire such hardware for cabinets.Before becoming very popular, it was called the card, and after the modernization and improvement of the mechanism was named chetyrehsharnirnaya.Today, if we consider all kinds of furniture hinges, it is considered the most common.This mechanism consists of a base, four hinges with the springs and cups.Center loop must be attached to the mounting plate.To adjust the flaps overlay the left or right in the plane attached to the adjustment screw.The dish must be installed in a drilled hole in the door, place the prepared area will depend on its severity.The most popular sizes are considered a diameter of 35 mm and a depth of 12-13 mm.For a small door is most commonly used size of 26 mm.

The main parameters when setting

Today there are a variety of types of furniture hinges.Installation and adjustment of them is complex and must be performed by all the rules, as it affects the quality and life of the product.It is therefore necessary to take into account certain parameters:

- distance to the cup - the length from the edge of the hole into which it is inserted, to the end flaps, substantially it is about 5 mm;
- mounting holes, they are necessary for the installation of the cup during installation.

should be noted that the fixation in one and the same hinge can be fixed in different ways.For example, screwing screws, for which the method of pressing or installation of the coupling.

Before starting the installation, you need to bear in mind that furniture hinges, which are numerous varieties, can be very different.Even a cup of pumping elements in one and the same species often placed at different distances.Therefore, all you need to measure before starting work.

Installing glass leaves

If we consider all kinds of furniture hinges, it is suitable for glass surfaces chetyrehsharnirnaya only because it is a reliable fixture of doors and, in addition, beautiful and elegant looks.For these flaps are special hinges that are used for heating.In its external characteristics are very similar to the standard, but still there are differences in the structure and method of attachment.Such mechanisms consist of four elements.Namely, the mounting straps to attach to the sidewall of the product, the O-ring connecting all the components, and plug the loop, while the latter covers all fasteners from the outside.

main advantages of devices with closers

Before collecting the finished product, inexperienced artists may ask what are the types of furniture hinges and mechanisms, which are suitable for the proper adjustment.In the shops you can buy products for all tastes, but the fasteners are embedded in the closer, is considered one of the most popular.Setting this item to date innovative.Use it to ensure a smooth closing of the door with a light touch.Closer - a kind of shock absorber, which provides easy closing.The main feature of such mechanisms is their reliability, as is their use will provide maximum aesthetics.Furniture, which established such supplies will be fairly easy to use and lasts a long time.