The most common snake Rostov region

Rostov Region is located in the temperate climate zone.The climate is continental so severe cold or heat are fierce here infrequently.The abundance of greenery, lots of ponds, hills and plains became the perfect place of residence for a variety of species of fish and amphibians, reptiles, insects, mammals.There is in this region and snakes.

steppe viper snakes

Rostov region for the most part non-toxic.The most dangerous among them believe steppe viper.They are found mainly in the Orel region, but sometimes there are even very close to the city: a stanitsey Bagaevskaya between Rostov and Bataisk.In short, wherever there is clay and dry ravines, slopes covered with bushes.Brownish-gray, with dark, decorated with dark brown zigzag back, these snakes are very beautiful.They can grow up to 65 centimeters.Vipers are very similar to snakes, but, unlike them, the sides are decorated with dark steppe viper is not very explicit spot.Contrary to popular belief, snakes Rostov region, including steppe viper will

never attack first.They only bite defensively.Feed viper small rodents, chicks, lizards.Bite steppe viper is poisonous, but not always fatal.A person can die only if did not receive medical care.Generally, the snake or the Rostov region is not poisonous, or their venom is not lethal.But if the bite gets dirty, recovery may take a long time.Chess and black vipers are not found in the RO.


yellow-bellied snake in the Rostov region prefers dry steppe shrubs, so it can be found anywhere.This snake is non-toxic but highly aggressive.It moves very quickly and playfully hiding in the bush or others burrows.If the yellow-bellied no time to hide, he rushes to his pursuer and can bite and hurt even more scare.Yellow-bellied snakes grow up to two meters, but not so large copies in RO's not there.Yellow-bellied got its name because of the bright orange or yellow belly.Like all snakes of the Rostov region, yellow-bellied avoid crowded places.


The closest relatives of the yellow-bellied - snakes.They can be gray (those in most RO), black, dark greenish.From any other snakes snake can be identified by the bright "ears" - the so-called highly visible spots on the sides of the head.They can be bright orange, yellow, white.Oh - it's not just a harmless and non-toxic snake.Oh coward.This other snakes Rostov region (photo) hiss and scare people, and in the case of danger to bite his enemy.Oh, seeing or feeling the man flees.It is this feature of it and enjoy the Rostov boys for whom catching snakes - and not the usual heroic activity.Caught too "butting" and hisses, and then, if the enemy is not afraid ... relaxes and releases from his cloaca jet disgusting smelling liquid.That's why the Rostov boys say snakes "cowardly to ru ... mustache."Fortunately, the smell disappears quickly and leaves no traces.