Semi-precious stones: tourmaline

the largest number among the stones in shades of tourmaline.These natural minerals have a large range of colors: from colorless to the different colors of the rainbow.

Crazy beauty gem attracts sculptors from ancient times.Because tourmaline made statue of Alexander the Great, which is exhibited in the British Museum Ashmole.In the days of the Vikings of tourmaline produced jewelry that date from the year 1000.Widely dispersed in Russia these stones - tourmaline foreign merchants brought from Ceylon.From it produced fake rubies.Therefore, royal jewelry, decorated with rubies previously considered, in fact, turned out to be a gem tourmaline.

Some tourmaline crystals have a just two colors, located on both sides of the stone.These tourmalines called pleochroic.The color difference is achieved through a variety of chemical compounds in a single chip.Name different types of tourmaline given by their colors and patterns.For example, watermelon tourmaline can be green, white or pink, but he looks very

much like a piece of fruit.Those that were used as a fake ruby, or called rubellite elbaite.In Paraiba mined glowing bright blue and green tourmalines.Therefore, this stone is named in honor of the place - paraibsky tourmaline.

stone black tourmaline called Shirley used it in England to decorate mourning jewelry.George Kunz - gemologist - this mineral is sold to museums and private collections.

Tourmaline is used not only in jewelry, this stone is also said to be beneficial to health.It is believed that inspire and get rid of bad energy of these stones.Tourmaline helps to relax the nervous system and improves the function of the endocrine.When restless sleep tourmaline crystal to keep near - normal sleep.Stones of different colors have an influence on certain organs.People with liver disease, kidney disease, skin diseases, weak immunity and shattered nervous system will also help these stones.Tourmaline green - that's what they should choose.Hormonal disruptions, disruptions in immunity will help to restore the crystal blue tourmaline.Black tourmaline is used to protect your aura from the evil eye and conspiracy.The owner of the black stone is not afraid of the negative energy that influences from outside.Two-colored stones to stabilize the male and female principle in man, that is, the energy of yin and yang.

Decorate tourmaline rings, earrings, pendants and other jewelry.Faceted crystals and processed fairly expensive and formidable look.

How many have heard, each sign of the zodiac has its beneficial stones, tourmaline - a stone of Libra.It is beneficial to the spirit and the body, protects against the evil eye and negative sends other people helps you find the inspiration to creative people (especially tourmaline crimson).Emotional outbursts, the heat, relieve nervous stress green or blue crystal.A red stone - the perfect man, it gives strength, attracts love relationships, promotes potency.

word, tourmaline - precious stone with healing properties.