Adolf Hitler: A Biography of the Fuhrer

Adolf Hitler, whose biography is full of brilliant achievements and heinous crimes, has become an integral part of European and world history.He's one of those people who managed to literally push the historical process in a certain direction.Of course, the last statement does not apply to the moral side of his philosophy and activities.

Adolf Hitler: A Biography

Schicklgruber Adolf was born in a small town located on the border of Austria and Germany.At an early age in his head it was based on the idea of ​​the greatness of the German nation.The first significant effort in this regard has made a schoolteacher future Fuhrer, Petch Leopold, himself a former ardent supporter of Prussian nationalism and Pan-Germans.After graduation, the young man goes to Vienna, cherishing the dream of entering the Academy of Art of the city.Many well-known story of how a young man falls in examinations in 1907, after which the rector of the Academy encourages him to do architecture, rather than the fine arts.Young Ado

lf then returned to his native Linz, but a year later tries his hand again and again fails.It is in the next period, and later formed a well-known around the world Hitler.Biography those years filled with extreme poverty, constant vagrancy, shelter under bridges and in shelters, odd jobs, and other pages from the bottom of life.At the same time the young man was finally formed in this period his political views, in which he himself admitted, and that the process described in detail later in the book "Mein Kampf."Speaking about the causes of such a violent ideology, be sure to take into account the specifics of the Weimar period, when the society was so popular nationalist sentiment, the idea of ​​anti-German conspiracy had spread a lot of small anti-Semitic political forces.At the same time young people had the opportunity to observe how the onslaught of the Slavs and the Hungarians, the Germans lose their absolutely dominant position in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.All this is very, very peculiar way happened then to rethink the mind of the young Adolf.

Adolf Hitler: the way into the power

After World War I, being very disappointed the German surrender, the young corporal returns to his odd jobs but in Munich.His fate is turned sharply accident.As fate it was to be in one of the pubs of the city, which is meeting at the same time the local Patriotic Party (then called the Workers' Party of Germany).Enthusiasm for politics Man interested in their ideas, and in 1920 he entered into it is still not numerous society.And soon because of his own charisma and punchy perseverance, he became its most important person.The first attempt of Hitler to come to power dates back to the 1923.It is about the famous Beer Hall Putsch November, ended in failure.When the column was a coup on the streets of Munich, they were stopped by the police, who opened fire on the rebels.An interesting story from eyewitnesses reports renowned researcher (and former journalist in Weimar and Nazi Germany), William Shearer: a barrage putschists were forced to lie on the ground;immediately after the termination of the shooting by the police jumped the first leader of the party and began to flee from the scene of collision, and then got into the car and drove away.Strangely, fleeing Adolf Hitler had no effect on his authority.Moreover, to cope with the pain of the first, it is very safe to behave at the ensuing trial, he added that even sympathy.However, the coup attempt is still a young politician was sent to prison in the fortress of Landsberg.However, he spent there less than a year.

Adolf Hitler: A Biography political

And coming to freedom at the end of 1925, he again began his struggle for power.Ignited speeches, cunning political actions, outright blackmail of other political forces, the power deal with their opponents and outright deception of the Nazi propaganda of the Nazi Party after only a few years has become the most influential force in the country.In 1933, Adolf Hitler forced the then President of the Republic Paul von Hindenburg to make himself chancellor.Since then, the NSDAP rapidly becoming altogether unified political force in the country, their ideology - the only true, as Germany plunges into a totalitarian regime.

Shine and the enormity of the large-scale fighting

Fuhrer came to power, the new head of state long concealed his true face.Domestically fast enough opposition forces were eliminated.Without the Fuhrer was preparing to foreign stocks.Already in 1936, in violation of the Versailles agreement, he introduces his troops into the Rhineland demilitarized.Submissive to ignore this violation was only a first cowardly silence of the great powers in a long chain.This was followed by outright blackmail and capture first in Austria, later Czechoslovakia and Poland.In 1940, the fate of the occupation befell France.As soon as England was saved.Retell further biography of Adolf Hitler in detail, perhaps, it does not make sense.One can hardly find a person in our country who has not heard about the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the first success of Blitzkrieg and further gradual complete loss of any adequacy Fuhrer, who could not accept defeat - first for Moscow, then Stalingrad,and then completely on all fronts.The ideologist of the Nazi party into the battle more and more German soldiers Party (which is often attributed to Zhukov and Stalin), putting on the altar of his ideas a whole generation of Germans.However, the victorious advance of the Allies brought the Fuehrer and all crazy.In the last days of his life, sick and broken, but the former fanaticism, the last thing left of the old Hitler claimed that the German nation should perish, if not able to win this war.His death, Adolf Hitler found by taking poison April 30, 1945.