How to cook sea bass in the oven.

has long been known that the fish meat is much more useful than pork or beef.That is why this food product should be present in the human diet.Fish is rich in protein, fatty acids, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and other beneficial trace elements, essential for a healthy body.In this article you will learn how to prepare sea bass in the oven.The meat of this fish is surprisingly delicate flavor and unique aroma.As a side dish is best suited boiled rice or potatoes.

How to cook sea bass in the oven?

1. Fish baked with potatoes in cream sauce

Ingredients: two onions, sea bass (three fish), 100 grams of butter, two zubochka garlic, 200 grams of low-fat sour cream, four potatoes, a bunch of herbs, pepper and salt.


Rinse the fish in the water, remove the entrails and fins, cut off their heads.Onion peel and chop the blender.Add salt and pepper.Carcasses of fish grate the onion mixture and place for one hour in the refrigerator to marinate them a little.Potato peel.Tubers, wash and cut into l

arge slices.Dill good chop.In the center of the package for roasting, place the fish generously greased with sour cream.Along the edges evenly lay out the potatoes mixed with onion and green mass.How to cook sea bass in the oven?Tightly secure the edges of the package and reload the parcel on a baking sheet.Place the dish in a hot oven and bake for forty minutes.Bon Appetit.

2. Redfish sauce vegetables

Ingredients: a big fish (big), three tablespoons oil, onion, 400g of canned tomatoes, three zubochka garlic, pepper, thyme, 250 ml of broth (fish), teateaspoon ground pepper, paprika and one lemon.


How to cook sea bass in the oven?Everything is very simple.First, peel and chop the onion half rings.Crush the garlic.Fry onion in butter for about ten minutes.Add the tomatoes, thyme and garlic.Bulgarian pepper cut into thin strips and place in a pan with the sauce.Vegetables mix and pour the fish broth.Do not forget to put a ground pepper and salt.Wait until boiling and then the dish for another ten minutes on low heat.Then chop sauce blender.The fish is gutted and wash the water.Along each side make a few cuts with a knife crosswise.Pour carcass lemon juice, spices and rub with salt.Cover the baking tray with foil.Pour the fish.Properly wrap the carcass in aluminum foil and bake the dish for about forty minutes.When the fish is ready, to shift it into a deep dish and pour sauce.For garnish you can cook rice or spicy noodles.

3. Perch, baked with cheese

Ingredients: 600g fish fillets, two tablespoons of lemon juice, pepper, carrots, salt, onions, 250 ml of water, greens, 50 g butter, four slices of bread, 80 grams of cheeseand 150 ml cream.


So prepare sea bass in the oven.Wash the fillets and pat dry cloth.Cut it into small pieces, sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and pepper grease.Chop onions thin rings and carrots - julienne.In a frying pan with butter fry the vegetables for more than three minutes.Add a little water and then drinking refueling another five minutes, adding the necessary spices.Chop the greens.White bread cut into cubes.Grate cheese.In a bowl, combine greens, cream and bread.Then add salt, pepper and grated cheese.Grease a baking dish with oil.Put the fish on a baking sheet.Pour the sauce dish.As you have seen, cook sea bass in the oven very easy.It remains only to put it in the closet flame for thirty minutes.Bon Appetit.