How to quickly get rid of Suction: effective techniques

friends, love - this is probably the most beautiful and highest of all earthly feelings.Valentine overcome a variety of feelings.And here it comes a time when the culmination of the relationship begins, and "comes into play" passionate feeling called love ... Love is absorbing two partners from head to toe ... The result - aspirated throughout the body!Well, if they are hidden under the clothes, but what if it's exposed body?In this article I will tell you how to quickly get rid of Suction!

From medical point of view, any aspirated - an intensive pinch for skin, resulting in small blood vessels are damaged.Forms an internal bruising.And it is not even in the medical component, and moral aspect.After all, a man with a hickey on his neck and hands and attracts curious stares of the people around him, turning to the subject of condemnation and gossip!What to do?How to quickly get rid of Suction?About everything in order.

few ways to quickly get rid of Suction

Modern methods

  1. can be applied to any aspirated cool or cold object (eg, ice).Your bruise fast enough will become less noticeable.
  2. You can go to the drugstore and buy a fresh-water sponge.Prior to its use, always read the instructions!Otherwise, you can not only remove the hickey, but also get an extra burn.Bodyagi can be diluted with any cream, rubbing her bruised five times per day.
  3. One of the modern ways of telling us how to quickly remove the hickey is a solarium.Sunburn slightly align the overall tone of your skin, making the problem less noticeable!
  4. use cosmetics - creams or corrective pencil.It will also help you avoid unnecessary gossip from the envious.

Folk ways

  1. most famous national way how to get rid of Suction is to resort to using a bow and turnips.It is necessary to cut both the vegetable in half and attach to the hickey.You will feel a slight burning sensation - this is normal reaction.By the way, you can use fresh garlic and peeled potatoes - they will cope with the problem worse!
  2. If "love" fresh bruise, the effective method of how to quickly get rid of Suction be ordinary toothpaste!Thoroughly grease bruise white paste.Once it dries, wash off the remains.The fact that the active substances contained in it, quickly solve the problem aspirated!
  3. Take baking soda, mix it with water as long as you do not get thick "cream".Apply this mixture to passionately for 10 minutes two or three times a day.
  4. use iodine.Draw them to the mesh on your bruises.She quickly enough make him disappear.Follow this procedure carefully so as not to get in the skin burn.
  5. If the house is aloe, cook hood.To do this, use it fresh leaves and alcohol.Do gadgets.This method, like many others, quickly eliminate the shameful signs ardent passion on your skin!