What is the service: the characteristics of the concept

probably no need to explain that to the notion of service (service) we encounter almost every day and everywhere.Now we look at the word "service" in general terms.At the same time try to analyze basic situations in everyday life, where this concept is the most common.

Etymology of the concept: what service

If you start from the main interpretations offered by modern vocabularies, almost all of them claim that the word derives from the Latin service, servio and servus, which mark the "service", "serving", "cater""bonded", "shall", etc.

However, today the answer to the question of what services are usually longer associated with the English word for this service, which is literally translated as "service".By the way, in Slavic languages ​​this concept has come relatively recently.Now you can bring some of the areas where the concept of the most common.

Where found the concept of "service" in the home

As a rule, most people answer the question of what a service associated with the service indu

stry, or in any service.For example, very often the concept is applicable to the hotel and restaurant business, field service vehicles, etc.

few less, but is also quite wide response to the question of what the service can be applied to specialized technical services performing maintenance of any equipment after its sale to the customer.

In principle, do not need to go far.It suffices to consider the purchase of any such plan.It is no secret that when you make a trade deal the client is given the right to apply for service during the warranty and post-warranty period, if suddenly there is some unexpected failure.It turns out that the manufacturer or seller, as it were in advance offering a range of services to remedy the problems with technical devices (which may occur in the future) before the appearance of such.

service in computer technology

Not less frequently the term "service" was found in the computer world.It is understood that, for example, in the same "OSes» Windows (or any other) special service programs and applets, which is directed to perform maintenance of the whole system to prevent or correct malfunctions.

This may also include the concept of web services that provide any services on the Internet with the help of specialized software.Take, for services to Internet service providers, e-commerce in the form of online stores with service delivery, development of Web sites and Internet applications, etc.

Conclusion Although this is only a basic, so to speak, the key points relating to the interpretation of the concepts in these examples we can see that the service - it is a system of care in order to provide a more comfortable use of any services, appliances, etc..

Of course, in a broader sense, any service can be called a service.Let's say you brought coffee in a restaurant for a minimum period of time after the order, and even to it on top of chocolate or cookies.Naturally, you will immediately exclaim: "Now that's service!" Actually, the concept of "service" and suggests some actions aimed at meeting not only the wishes of the client, but it is often expectations that may not even be included in the basic range of services.

However, examples of service can be found in almost all spheres of human life at almost every turn.However, the original interpretation remains unchanged.This service can be called even the slightest manifestation of activities such as, for example, described in the example above.