Active citizenship - what is this?

We all live in a dynamic, ever-evolving world and have to keep up with its rapid forward movement.What appeared to our parents, grandparents and great-grandfathers unshakable truth, we, the younger generation, can now call into question, to conceptualize a new and slightly different experience.Of course, we are not talking about the overthrow of traditional moral values ​​and principles of normative behavior, but no one will deny the fact that the patriarchal structure of society is slowly but surely losing ground, and punish a woman for an exit onto the street without a hat, and not accepted.At least in most countries.

inexorable passage of time demands of a modern man of stability in the material, physical and moral terms, because without it the cycle changes, stress and turmoil simply knock down the river, and shall bear to the side, which can hardly be called attractive.

internal resistance is determined by a number of factors, starting with the ability to forgive, ending a term as a civilian


Difficulty understanding

Certainly, the idea of ​​this part of human consciousness at everyone - someone it seems something akin to nationalism, and for someone is a special inner core, helps fight everyday troubles.However, after analyzing the specific literature, examining some of the historical facts, we can distinguish the features of this definition.

No word on violence

outset citizenship itself has nothing to do with the cruelty and violence, contrary to popular opinion.Many in response to this statement will pour examples of revolutions and wars, which does a lot of the history of mankind, and are not quite right.

The fact is that citizenship - a certain inner beliefs directed to self rather than on the imposition of certain ideals.Simply put, this self-awareness of themselves as individuals, the ability to have their own opinion about the world in general and of the country in particular.

relationship with the country

Ironically, for many will be a revelation of the fact that to be a patriot of his homeland, and have a certain citizenship - things are related, but not identical.The first - a love for his country, for all its flaws and virtues.It is an absolute unity with the cultural and historical heritage, readiness at any moment to show the most attractive side of their homeland any visitor, settled love for his country in his heart.

Citizenship - a somewhat different phenomenon.This means the more a certain internal autonomy, the ability to objectively assess the situation in the country.This is a more detached view of the world based on personal beliefs, analysis, and erudition.

Revolution and normative behavior

As mentioned earlier, a person citizenship itself has nothing to do with the coup, riot or a mass picket.In fact, it's just a sober look at things, the ability to evaluate and form their own opinions on this or that situation.

Citizenship - is not only a definite point of view on the economic, cultural and political situation inside the country - to a greater extent it is the most common, accessible to each and every human decency.It starts with a piece of paper thrown in the trash, or grandmother, transferred across the road, and ends with the payment of taxes and, for example, a preference for the domestic product imported.

rights and the rule

However, if we ignore sentimentality and some romance, understanding that citizenship - it is also related to the government of the country will be more obvious.As mentioned earlier, under this definition, it is understood, above all, their own opinion.Personal views on this or that aspect of that person can easily argue and demonstrate their legitimacy, if necessary.

Active citizenship can sometimes lead to unpredictable consequences, which is replete with examples of world history, but its presence is mandatory for every person who considers himself a full-fledged personality.

level of activity

So, we came to the fact that citizenship - is primarily a matter.Certainly, the ability to argue there is absolutely always, but often, they either do not occur or lead to a kind of common denominator.Nevertheless, there are situations in which active citizenship requires certain actions because other options are left.

As an example, the opposition northern and southern parts of the US in the 60s of XIX century.As a stumbling block then made the slave system, which continued to adhere to the planters while the northern states have refused such exploitation of people.Disagreement population with the situation eventually led to a civil war, which killed more Americans than any other war involving the United States.

Another example of active citizenship, which found support among the masses, can be called a famous Cuban Revolution, during which the population was able to overthrow the regime of police dictatorship and elect a leader, respected by the people.

Where to take what was originally there

None of us is born with a solid idea about the structure of the country and the world, but with experience comes the understanding of certain values, awareness of the necessity of certain actions.Formation of citizenship occurs at different levels.It starts in the family and ends with its own search of information.

The more knowledge a person will have, the wider will be his vision, the easier it will be to form their own views on various aspects of life.

Of course, one can not deny the fact that the active citizenship of man is directly connected with the political regime in force in the country.Anyone who is found Soviet familiar traditional gratitude for a happy childhood Comrade Stalin, and for any resident of New Hampshire is unwavering truth of the phrase: "Live Free or Die."

Other ways to influence the personality

Although citizenship - is a personal choice of each person in modern reality, make it quite difficult.Although in most countries the era of harsh dictatorship are long gone, the imposition of other people's opinions remain relevant to this day.The reason for this lies in the continuous information noise, which is surrounded by people - media, internet resources, advocating a certain opinion, literature and TV - all this puts pressure on the person, thereby forming his opinion.

Time ill-defined vision of planting long gone - to be replaced by the era of false ideals and seductive images brighter future, which covered urgent problems.The strength was replaced by cunning, and the truth - friendly version.That is why every person who considers himself a real person, sooner or later have to look over the edge of the fence and seek information for the formation of the facts themselves.