Door "Elbor": reviews.

«Elbor" - one of the most popular brands of front doors today.The advantages of these modern designs include reliability, beautiful design, and low cost.Produced these products with the latest technology and has earned a very good consumer feedback.Door "Elbor" - the products manufactured in our country, in full compliance with European standards.

little Manufacturer

first door of the brand left the assembly line in 2007.Located plant "Elbor" in Borovichi Novgorod region.At present the company sells its products in all regions of Russia.Recognition of the consumer steel doors "Elbor" were mainly due to its low in comparison with the models cost foreign manufacturers and a variety of designs.The company's slogan is: "Get out, thief!I "Elbor. '"

Learn doors this brand including on company logos.Factory "Elbor" is a participant of many exhibitions, the owner of the certificates, diplomas and patents.Over the past few years, the company has become a real holding company of 12 subsidiaries located i

n different cities of Russia.Currently, one of the main objectives of the company is to create a large network of branded stores.

main advantages

addition to attractive cost advantages to the door "Elbor" include a high degree of burglary.Locks are manufactured by the company itself.Each model is established two varieties: a cylindrical and lever.In addition, metal doors "Elbor" different thought-out design, equipped with stiffening ribs and have a modern look.Each door is equipped with the brand more additional safety devices, significantly increases the burglary protection products.

Design features

As already noted, the door entrance metal "Elbor", reviews of which are very good, have a higher degree of reliability.These designs are well protected against burglary.Door frame "Elbor" is made of steel profile reliable eight kinds of 2 mm thick.Locks and bolts do not cut into the fabric, as in most models of other manufacturers, and are set within it, which greatly improves the reliability of the entire structure.

box doors of this brand has a steel door casing width 55 mm.This allows the design to the openings of all sizes, including those in the rough.But the ends of the fabric are provided niches designed for mounting seals.Manufactured front doors "Elbor" without the use of any flammable or plastic parts.

to provide heat and sound insulation in the painting of each model is set basalt slab known brand Rockwool.One advantage of the materials "Rockwool" is a high level of environmental safety.Like all other mineral insulation, insulator of this mark is off.Even if the high temperature will act on the web for half doors "Elbor" not lose geometry and will properly perform their functions.

canvas for models of this brand tselnognutye has dvuhlistovuyu design.Hinges "Elbor" very robust and can withstand the weight exceeds the weight of the web 10 times.According to the manufacturer, they are designed to 500,000 cycles, which provides more than a century term trouble-free operation.


Currently the company "Elbor" produced several varieties of doors.The lineup includes:

  • Doors "Elbor Standard", "Optimum", "Economy".This low-end products burglary.
  • «Premium» - the middle class.
  • «Lux" - the highest grade of proof.

Different models of this brand can be supplemented by one or two panels of MDF.Entrance doors "Elbor" (good reviews about them) just completed the interior (not shown).Color web surface in this case - the "nut".If desired, the input model you can order one of the following patterns: "London", "Vienna", "Milan", "Athens", "Tokyo", "Rome".There is also a choice of several kinds of textures, "Mahogany", "cherry", "oak", "Wenge", "White Oak".For doors installed indoors, in addition you can buy an external panel of MDF.

In that case, if the external finish the operation to be scratched, it can always be easily replaced.Very often, the owners of apartments and private homes pose a new panel and simply during the repair.It is necessary to shift from MDF paneling inexpensive.

locks to the doors "Elbor" can be selected independently.

Steel Door "Elbor": reviews

opinion of consumers about the design of this brand has developed, as already mentioned, very good.The advantages of the door "Elbor 'customers include reliability and design.It is noted, for example, the fact that the model of this manufacturer are not skewed and jammed after shrinking new home.Consumers also praised the quality of designs under consideration Approved mark.

Metal doors "Elbor" reviews which provide a glimpse of them as very reliable, easy to use and high quality, can be easily installed in a city apartment in the entrance to the noisy neighbors, and private house builtFor example, near the motorway.Very good design of this brand detained and drafts.Some apartment owners receive from the company when ordering and installing decorative door sills as a gift.Pleasant is the fact that the company "Elbor" often arranges all sorts of promotions and offers to customers good discounts.

course, about the models of this manufacturer are not only good reviews.Door "Elbor" - the design itself is really reliable.However, some owners have complaints to the work of master installers.Sometimes, apparently, is not too recent a responsible attitude to their duties, and mount the door unevenly.As a result, the owners subsequently have to be changed very often breaking the locks.

Doors "Suite Elbor»

models of this series are currently the most popular among consumers.Door "Elbor Suite" (customer reviews on this line very good) has as many as 20 locking points.This is the most reliable kind of structures described by the brand.

Configuration Profile door "Lux" repeats the configuration of the web.For more rigidity gives the vertical steel U-shaped rack, as well as two horizontal ribs.The doors of this model series are equipped with the anti five catches for 17 mm each.Their presence eliminates the possibility of spinning webs.In the design "Lux" used top-class locks burglary.The most common model of this series is set in suburban homes.

Doors "Elbor Standard»

Like "Lux", a model of this series belong to the third class of proof (according to GOST 51072-2005).The difference between these two species - a number of points in the lock.Models "Standard" of 13.

Doors "Elbor Light" and "Premium»

Models "Optimum" and "Economy" was started a company not so long ago - in 2013.Unlike the first two species in this case is the thickness of the sheet metal used to manufacture the web.Models "Optimum" and "Economy" it is 1.2-1.4 mm.Stiffening webs inside, in this case, it establishes a special spatial construction.The model "Optimum" has 11 locking points, the "Economy» - 7.

entrance doors "Elbor" of this series are able to provide optimal protection against all methods of hacking.Models of "Premium" has 16 locking points and also have a high degree of reliability.

installation methods

As you can see, on the design of this brand is not in vain there are rave reviews.Door "Elbor" really reliable and leaves thieves no chance, of course, only when properly installed.Door "Elbor" can be mounted in two ways: by means of anchors 10 mm or "ears".Recent fastened to the door by a threaded nut welded at 16 mm.Due to the presence of steel casing tral install design of the brand can be no opening, and on the edge of the wall.The gap at the same time looks very carefully, because the casing hides everything irregularities edge of the wall.Actually, the installation of doors "Elbor" is made in a way that is best suited for a particular opening.

Castles "Elbor»

Of course, the reliability of the door depends not only on the thickness of the steel and fabric design features.Degree burglary is defined in the model including the quality of the installed locks.Metal doors "Elbor" are equipped with shut-off design, manufacture, as already mentioned, by the same manufacturer.Different models can be equipped with locks "Sapphire", "Ruby", "Lapis", "granite", "basalt" and so on. D. If desired, the customer can choose any kind of both main and additional locking structure.

company manufactures locks "Elbor" started much earlier doors - since its opening in 1976.The design of the products developed by the specialists of the company and is the exclusive.Currently enterprises "Elbor" produced 200 thousand. Castles in the year, representing 30% of the total volume of such products in the domestic market.

armor package

Steel Door "Elbor" equipped with locks with a special armor package, greatly improves their reliability against cracking.Sometimes thieves drilled a hole in the body to gain access to the crossbars.The castles "Elbor" these important structural elements are protected by two manganese armor plates.Each of them has a thickness of 2 mm.Armor plates cover the entire body of the castle and significantly hinder drilling.

Additional protection

Entrance doors "Elbor" reviews of anti-burglar whose quality as excellent, equipped with such elements:

  • deviator .So call a special mechanism connecting beams with mechanical rods.This allows you to distribute locking points on the perimeter of the door.In fact, the diverter is another castle, supplementing basic.
  • Catches .
  • the anti pins.It steel rods attached to the loops included in the hole in the end of the cloth.In the event of failure to remove the last loop is impossible.


Worth iron doors "Elbor" may vary.The price of them depends on the line, as well as a complete set.For example, the cheapest model "Economy" will cost about 11 thousand rubles. Design line "Standard" - 16 ths. Rubles.Doors "Premium" are about 19 thousand. Rub., As an option, "Lux" - about 25 thousand. All prices are for 2015.

As you know, on the designs of the brand, there are very flattering.Door "Elbor" set in your apartment, will enjoy its beautiful design and reliable protection against intruders.