The current stage of the development of culture is characterized by what?

Modern world culture has its own specific properties that make it distinctive and unique in the general cultural and historical context.It is important to treat it holistically, as a team with various aspects of modern life, whether ethics, morals, legal relationship or level of technological development and economic factors.Of course, this kind of comprehensive description of the cultural fit in one article will not work, so we will focus only on the most essential aspects of cultural life.So, what is special about the present stage of development of the culture contain?

role of European culture in the world cultural space

no secret that the current stage in the development of culture is characterized by an active process of globalization, stand firmly on the basis of the European tradition.This is true for almost all regions of the world, though to varying degrees.This process is called Westernization and is determined by the dominating Eurocentrism in assessing the prospects for further cultura

l development of society.That is why the focus must be given to this tradition as the most important and fundamental to the lives of billions of people in the world today.

boundaries of European culture

European tradition, like any other, is characterized by its style, specific features and a set of values.Of course, the scope of its various thinkers define differently, as well as the source of its origin and development factors.We will adhere to the most neutral and almost friendly concept that modern European culture, with its mentality and characteristics was formed in the Renaissance and modern times.Other influences - the ancient, classical and some others - we assign as basic to a different type, the prior of contemporary cultural formation of Europe.
So, what is different in the present stage of development of culture?In other words, what its essential features can be identified as specific markers that distinguish them from other types of cultural?


rationalistic element is very clearly characterizes the development of culture at this stage.This is manifested in it poses Weltanschauung, values ​​which are the core of the resources of the human intellect.It is important to identify the vector of European rationalism, since it differs significantly from other, primarily traditional oriental cultures.Its main distinguishing feature is the desire to constitute, to codify the world, make it fully controlled and subordinate human principle.Ways of development of modern culture in Russia are, by the way, for exactly the same approach to reality, when the value of the world is determined by the degree of its operability and the efficiency.In other words, the human factor in such a system is central, while the rest of the world is transferred to the status of the resource.

Effect of rationalism on the features of the current stage (cultural development)

This orientation of the Western mentality has created a comfortable environment, the promotion of technology far ahead and achieve great success in economic terms.But she has a reverse, a darker side, which is the psychological destabilization of consciousness (for example, extremely high levels of depression and suicidal tendencies in the most prosperous in economic terms in Europe, America and Australia), hyper-intellectualism, to the detriment of the spiritual componentpersonality development of consumer attitudes, and in a broader sense - in an aggressive cultural and economic expansionism and barbaric attitude to nature and the environment.


modern stage in the development of culture is also characterized by a pronounced subjectivism.The latter in this case understood as absolutized value subject to any external processes and phenomena.

practice, this means that the measure is just a specific person, the individual, not society, class, caste, and the like.With this organization of cultural values ​​is made possible, at least the formal legal equality and the development of political life in a democratic manner.Of course, in real life things are a bit more complicated, but it is student-oriented promise determined by the current stage.Cultural development in this direction not only frees the person, gives its intrinsic value and rights but also imposes great responsibility, being both a challenge.The individual is, in fact, one-on-one with the world in which all relationships take the form of a contract and mutually beneficial agreement.A man in such a world is lonely, not having deep roots in family and tribal, spiritual, national or some other space.

Russian specifics

With regard to the development of modern culture in Russia, it is still quite a stark contrast with the European model, while moving steadily in his direction.For example, in the cultural space of the Russian Federation is not yet fully accepted by the ideas of tolerance and equality, pluralistic society, free from oppression of any person whatsoever social force.On the other hand, many aspects of cultural life in the post-Soviet space are less susceptible to commercialization and the transition to the format of market relations.Simply it is possible to express the concept of spiritual depth, alien economic dimension.


patterns of development of subjectivism, which was stimulated by R. Descartes in his famous thesis, "I think, therefore I exist", it has become an essential vacuum of European culture.In contrast to the medieval theocratic or enslavement fate of antiquity, modern stage in the development of culture is characterized, as has been said, a radical anthropocentrism, under which the subject has no other support and criterion of knowledge, but to himself.Thus, from under the feet of man knocked every soil.Compensatory function in the process itself takes an insatiable will to power and control, based on a foundation of scientific methodology.Together, all these factors: subjectivism, rationalism and scientism next one - and the answer to the question "what are the features of the present stage of development of the culture."


Under Mathesis understood such a model of thinking and knowledge, which is focused mainly on mathematical apparatus.It is this quality so characteristic of the new European mentality.It is important to highlight the special because it although it adequately describes the essence of the European scientism, but is not limited to them.As bright as in scientific discourse, Matezis manifested in all aspects of life of European man, even in those where seemingly mathematical calculation is inappropriate.A striking example of this is the beauty industry, which verified and standardized concept of beauty and beautiful completely lost its aura of irrationality and spiritual dimension and has become a subject of production and object of trade and market relations.Beauty was no longer essential, profound personality traits and turned into something that can be effectively constructed using mathematically tuned diets, exercise, chemicals and surgeries.Thus, it has become very streamlined, subject to specified parameters and standards.


modern stage in the development of culture is also characterized by some expansionism.This factor has allowed it to become now the leading paradigm that claims to be the foundation for the synthesis of world culture.It is shown, it is primarily a political slice of social life, but not only.A striking example is the persistent proselytizing Western Christian churches, the spread of Western economic models and values ​​of a democratic society.This expansion of European culture applies not only to other, non-European community, but also to the world as such.Colorfully that line the Western mentality illustrates the relationship with nature, characterized by consumerism and the irrepressible desire to subordinate its own interests, which often leads to disastrous consequences - the destruction of animal and plant species, the depletion of mineral resources, environmental pollution and so on. Unfortunately, this attitude is graduallyovercome in most European countries and the bearer of its cultural paradigms through the development of environmental awareness, fully inherent in the Russian cultural space.The abundance of debris close to any Russian city forest park areas speaks for itself, as well as poaching, the scale of illegal logging and the legal framework in this respect is characterized by the almost complete indifference.