What is the best anti-freeze and how to choose?

Many car owners are wondering about what kind of antifreeze better?In order to answer it is necessary to study their characteristics.The main purpose of antifreeze is effective cooling of the motor vehicle and prevent boiling.Another property that has a modern antifreeze is to prevent corrosion of metallic elements from which the cooling system.Making a decision about what to pour antifreeze, should carefully examine its composition.The tool should not foam and contain nitrites, amines and phosphates.

antifreeze should be considered compatible with the elements of the cooling system made of rubber and plastic.Choosing antifreeze concentrate, we must remember that he must fully reliable system to provide protection from freezing.At present, all kinds of anti-freeze are subjected to classification, which is fully consistent with national standards.The packaging of the product by the manufacturer should be specified labels.

large number of drivers do not know about what is best suitable anti-freeze for

the winter period.To date, it is recommended to use in the cold season means made on the basis of ethylene glycol.In Europe motorists prefer safer antifreeze, which include propylene.Car concerns in technical documents for vehicles give recommendations on how antifreeze is best suited for a particular model.

How to choose anti-freeze?

In specialty stores a wide range of anti-freeze from different manufacturers.But we should not blindly rely on the advice of sellers, which aim only to sell their products.You should carefully study the information given on each product package.In the case of buying a car with a mileage, the new owner may not be aware of what better to fill antifreeze.In this case, the right thing will fully replace the existing fluid in the car.If the new owner informed about what means flooded into the car, you should add the liquid from the same manufacturer.
Some car owners are deciding on what is best antifreeze, do not pay enough attention to its color.Namely, the color of the tool can determine the composition and evaluate performance.Modern antifreeze fluid are of two types: containing silicate and bessilikatnye.Antifreeze differ significantly from conventional antifreeze.They are made only large enterprises, which are used in the production and development of its own technology, which meet the norms and standards.Antifreeze is poured cans of the brand, thanks to this complicated the possibility of forgery.